10 Best Foreplay Techniques to Ignite Your Partner’s Interest

10 Best Foreplay Techniques

Though some people think of foreplay as being an annoying obligation, implementing different forms of foreplay inside and outside the bedroom can be both inspiring and fun... as well as motivating both partners to enjoy better sex and more frequently. If you are having trouble getting your partner interested in sex or you’re just looking to add more spice and attraction into your relationship, here are 10 of the best foreplay techniques to leave you both wanting and desiring a healthy and active sex life.

best foreplay techniques

Having a diverse foreplay routine is crucial to interrupt the day to day normality of life. Failing to put in quality time before engaging sexually may lead to frustration if your partner’s mind is distracted and therefore are unable to complete the sexual act. These are some of the best foreplay techniques to re-engage your partner’s interest and desire in having sex with you.

#1 Best Foreplay Technique: Send a Sexy Text to Your Partner

One of the best foreplay tips is to occasionally text your partner, “I want to [bleep] tonight.” But male and female brains are wired differently, so you need to be careful about getting the message right. Otherwise it may have a negative effect on your sexual relationship and could put your partner off sex completely! 

Sending playful, cheeky, or supportive little text messages like this to your partner will let them know that you will be ready to go when you both reach home.

#2 Foreplay Technique: Add a Calendar Appointment for Sex

This may sound contradictory to a happy sex life. Yet life often becomes so busy that we forget to leave enough time and energy to take care of our own needs and the health of our relationship. If you want to ensure you enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with your partner in the years to come, then be sure to add a calendar appointment 3x a week saying “Wild sex @7pm?” or whichever time realistically fits in with both of your schedules.

Our lives are often focused around our to-do lists, so make sure quality sex is on your menu at least once a week. For more cheeky fun, send your partner a calendar invite so you can both look forward to the foreplay and intercourse fun you are planning together.

#3 Foreplay Technique: Surprise Your Partner with a Sexy Gift Card

Retaining attraction is important in a relationship and sometimes we stop doing the things which attracted our partner to us in the first place. Comfort and complacency can be relationship killers so always take care of your appearance and aim to present the best version of yourself for you as well as your partner. This will help to maintain your own sense of self-esteem as well as your partner’s desire and attraction for you.

You both benefit from knowing each other’s sexual preferences and fantasies, and helping to fulfill them from time to time when the fantasy is acceptable to you. In many cases, wearing sexy lingerie will suffice. Give your partner a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret and ask them to go shopping with you to pick out the perfect lingerie or outfit for sexual play.

Looking and feeling sexy can be an incredible turn on for both of you and will do wonders to enhance your overall relationship as well as your sex life.

#4 Foreplay Technique: Ask What Turns Your Partner On

When in doubt how to please your partner, just come right out and simply ask what he or she likes during foreplay and intercourse. Not everyone feels confident openly speaking about their sexual wants and desires, so also pay attention to your partner’s body language and verbal sounds throughout sexual acts. 

Most partners appreciate the fact that you are doing your best to ensure that they’re satisfied. If your partner notices you’re working hard to please them, then they’ll be more likely to return the favor when you tell them what you like.

Help your partner understand what you like by saying, “Mmmm… that feels really good right there. Do more of what you’re doing now, it feels amazing!”

Clearly communicating (without blame or accusation) what you want and need inside and outside the bedroom will do wonders for the health of your relationship and help to restore a more intimate connection.

foreplay technique massage

#5 Foreplay Technique: The Precoital Massage

This is a great way to get a person out of their thoughts and into their body so they can relax and open up to being sexual with you. Start with a non-sexual shoulder rub (fingers together), then lengthen your strokes to seductively stroke down the sides of their torso. Pay attention to your partner’s body language.

If they are leaning into you, it may indicate they are starting to feel turned on. If so, splay your fingers so your hands linger in a more loving touch and if the timing feels right, make a suggestive comment or take your partner’s hand and lead them into the bedroom.

If not, continue with the non-sexual massage and know that your efforts will have an eventual pay-off if you are following my other recommended foreplay techniques 🙂

#6 Foreplay Technique: Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Focus your attention on quality over quantity - although a male has to be careful here, as too much focus on his partner in the wrong way can cause him to lose his erection or ejaculate early. It’s important to know your partner’s sexual preferences, as a woman who can easily orgasm during intercourse may not want foreplay consisting of clitoris stimulation, she may just want to kiss.

Conversely, a man who is rock hard does not need his partner to stimulate his penis as he is already ready for penetration. The best foreplay in the bedroom is that which is wanted. Know what your partner wants and needs and be open to the fact that this may change from time to time.

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#7 Foreplay Technique: Distract Your Partner with a Kiss

One of the most overlooked foreplay tips is distracting your partner with slow and lingering kisses. In addition to a lead up to having sex, this is a great thing to do when it's totally unexpected. Like after you have watched a movie or Netflix and your normal routine is to get up from the sofa and prepare for the next day. 

Being less predictable in your daily tasks is a natural turn-on. Keep your eyes locked with your partner’s eyes as you slowly connect up to the point when your lips are about to make contact, then close them as you connect in delicious anticipation.

foreplay kissing technique

#8 Foreplay Technique: Drive Her Wild with The Finger and Thumb Technique

This is one of my most proven foreplay techniques to give a woman the best orgasm. Apply a small amount of lubrication (coconut oil works best) to her vaginal opening. Insert your middle finger then curl it back toward you in the shape of a G. This rough area is her g-spot. Slide this finger back and forth and sideways over her g-spot while gently circling her clitoris with your thumb or tongue.

While this takes a bit of practice to perfect, it’s one of the fastest ways to give your partner an orgasm as it provides an intense array of delicious sensation. Ensure to constantly vary the degree of pressure you use (not too firm) but most importantly, stay in the center line of her vagina.

Ongoing disappointment from being unable to reach orgasm can eventually put a woman off having sex. If your female partner has problems achieving orgasm during foreplay or intercourse, then I recommend that you get her my Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms program so she can orgasm on command. (I have a Sex Mastery program for men too.)

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#9 Foreplay Technique: Keep Excess Hair Trimmed

Physical discomfort can be a distraction which prevents either partner reaching orgasm. Giving oral is a wonderful experience - unless you have to constantly spit out hairs! In addition to this, excessive hair is ticklish and can cause irritation on penetration which can also be an unwanted distraction.

Regardless of gender, make sure you keep the hairs around your genitals trimmed. It’s best to regularly trim hair in the genital region with an electric hair trimmer once a fortnight than endure the agony of waxing this sensitive area! This rarely spoken of foreplay technique is essential for retaining your partner’s interest and overall desire for you. By keeping your body hair (and facial hair) trimmed you can help your partner relax and look forward to engaging sexually.

best foreplay technique clean breath

#10 Foreplay Technique: Be Aware of Your Breath and or Body Odour

One of the greatest turn-offs is a partner who has bad breath. Make sure you practice good oral hygiene - by brushing your teeth at least twice a day. If you eat foods high in sulphur such as garlic or onion you may wish to consider brushing after eating these foods too.

You can ensure your breath remains fresh by scraping the surface of your tongue with a spoon then brushing your tongue with a few drops of peppermint essential oil or toothpaste twice a day. This makes your breath stay fresher for longer. 

Instead of trying to mask body odour with deodorant, quickly wash under your arms with a mild soap, then dry and apply deodorant. If you're a woman who has gone through my Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms program, make sure you don't use the inner vaginal squirt technique before your partner is ready to enter you.

As a foreplay technique, kiss your partner’s neck or chest and immediately breathe in the same spot you just kissed. The temperature of the area changes which creates a spark of goose bumps for your partner - and with a minty fresh breath you are ready for more action.

In Summary of the Best Foreplay Techniques

The best foreplay techniques start outside the bedroom and can be an essential part of warming your partner up for sex. Make sure you get feedback from your partner from time to time to ensure you know which foreplay techniques are having the most favourable impact. As with our moods, our desires can change and as individuals we are each responsible for communicating these needs to our partner.

Your ability to enjoy sex, along with your sexual technique can also play an important role in engaging your partner's interest and desire. If you have problems ejaculating early, losing erection hardness or are unable to achieve orgasm it may impede you and your partner's ability to enjoy a happy and connected sex life.

Satisfying sex is easy to achieve with the correct techniques and information. If you want an effective sexual technique which is sure to please you and your partner in the years to come, I recommend purchasing my Sex Mastery programs for men and women. Guaranteed or your money back.

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