Can High Blood Pressure Ruin Your Sex Life?

By Jacqui Olliver

Increased blood pressure can lead to heart complications and cause fatigue leading to sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and an inability to reach orgasm.

Blood pressure medications can also cause erectile dysfunction, yet another reason why high blood pressure can ruin your sex life. High blood pressure has become an increasingly common phenomenon which is fueled by the frenetic, hectic and stressful life most of us live.

Putting too much stress on your heart when you are already suffering from high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks. The American Heart Association has revealed that only 1% of people suffer from heart attacks during sexual intercourse. This is good news for those of you looking for action in the bedroom tonight! However, high blood pressure can affect your libido (which takes all the fun out of sex) so you still need to resolve this issue properly.

High blood pressure and sexual performance

High blood pressure is a cause and effect of anxiety and stress in men of all ages which can lead to impotency and sexual dysfunction in men. Women tend to show less interest in sex when they are stressed, while many men may not be able to perform sexually when stressed.

Using medications to treat high blood pressure can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Certain drugs present in the medications have side effects which can cause impotency and loss of libido in men.

High blood pressure can equally affect the sexual performance of both men and women. Lack of blood flow can cause erectile dysfunction and loss of libido in men, whilst women can suffer from vaginal dryness and a low sex drive. This results in disappointment for both partners.

Restoring a hard erection requires a refocusing procedure.

The connection between erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure

For men, high blood pressure can cause damage to the lining of arteries to his penis. This can affect the blood flow required to achieve a strong erection.

It’s important to note that high blood pressure doesn’t always cause erectile dysfunction. When a man is self-conscious about his sexual performance, his erectile dysfunction/weak erection problem is increased. This is because he is constantly worrying about his erection which means his brain isn’t receiving enough relevant signals to maintain a hard erection.

Other factors which ruin a woman's sex life can include her ability to reach an orgasm.

The effect of high blood pressure on your sex life

The majority of you know that high blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Chances are that your sex life is going to become non-existent or completely ruined if you and your partner continue to ignore high blood pressure.

When women suffer from high blood pressure there can be a decrease in blood supply to the vagina. This deficiency can result in difficulty becoming aroused as well as vaginal dryness and pain, as well as problems reaching orgasm.

Women who have high blood pressure are less likely to enjoy sex or show any interest in it at all. This is often due to the fatigue caused by high blood pressure. It’s important to note that if a woman has always had problems achieving orgasm and is showing little desire or enthusiasm for sex, she may just have given up on having sex due to ongoing disappointment and the associated lack of sexual fulfillment.

What to do if high blood pressure is affecting your sex life

If you know you have high blood pressure and are struggling to perform sexually in the bedroom you need to take action now. Here are some suggestions to regain your old mojo and restore enjoyment of sex:

Stop consuming table salt (use sea salt or Himalayan salt instead)

Manage your stress (deal with the issues causing stress in your life!)

Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight

Limit the consumption of alcohol and drink plenty of filtered water

Avoid foods which cause inflammation (wheat, sugar, trans-fats, preservatives)

Quit smoking

Learn the thought/action sequence required for hard and in control!

High blood pressure is a condition that can greatly affect the quality of your life. If you’re afraid of taking medication because it may have a negative impact on your sex life, then consult with a naturopathic doctor about natural cures for dealing with high blood pressure to prevent an ongoing erectile dysfunction problem.

But it's also crucial to improve your overall sexual technique, and deal with the imbalances in sexual focus which directly cause loss of erection hardness as well as premature ejaculation. This is my area of expertise - it's time to restore great sex, no problems!

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