How to Stop Feeling Anxious, Depressed and Emotionally Overwhelmed

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Anxiety, depression and mental health are constantly in the news, and people are always seeking answers to end these problems. I solve the emotional and sexual issues which contaminate relationships. I have a completely different take on what causes anxiety and depression, and how to stop feeling anxious and depressed naturally without drugs.

Many people incorrectly believe that depression is a medical condition which is out of their control. These are the prevailing factors which contribute to a person's depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed state:

man feeling anxious, depressed and overwhelmed

When you have problems in your life which you don’t know how to solve, your related negative thoughts and the resulting emotions can have a detrimental effect on your mental health and overall sense of well-being. This can lead to communication breakdowns in your relationships with others. This makes it feel like there are invisible walls of resistance which keep you feeling separate and alone.

Most of us are taught from a young age to suppress an emotional response. This is what makes us feel isolated and prevents us from feeling connected with other people. #depression #mentalhealth

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When you suppress emotions you automatically default to thinking about why you think you feel that way. This can quickly overwhelm you as you contemplate all that’s going wrong in your life and what you think it means. These thoughts then create an endless and depressing loop of negative thoughts and unresolved emotional responses.

Understand Your Emotions and How to Be in Control of Them

Common emotions which humans suppress include anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, and disappointment. When you can’t see an answer to your problem, this causes a negative thought and reactive emotion loop which makes you feel like you’re constantly being triggered!

This is a clear example of an unresolved emotional state.

When an emotion is unresolved, e.g. ignored, investigated, over-felt, over-examined or suppressed in any way then you cannot feel better. This is because the programs which regulate your heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and relax your muscles are interrupted when the emotional response is triggered. This is why emotions physically feel uncomfortable. When an emotional response is resolved, these programs go back into sync, which is why you immediately start feeling better.

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anxious man blocking emotional response

However, when you’re blocking an emotional response, you keep yourself in a depressed or anxious emotional state. This happens because you continue to be out of alignment with yourself. This means you can’t feel good, you can’t think clearly, and your modes of thought and action have become contaminated at an operational level. This is what makes you feel overwhelmed to the point of giving up. You’ve disconnected yourself from reality.  

Without understanding how to resolve an emotional response (so you can feel calm and easily redirect your thoughts) you will default between negative thoughts and the emotions which are triggered by those thoughts.

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Resolving Your Emotional Responses is the Key to Ending Depression

You cannot see a logical answer to your problems when an emotional response remains unresolved. This is because you cannot think clearly, it feels like you’re dialling in between two radio stations and only experiencing the static. (This also happens when you are angry, frustrated, or disappointed and is the reason why it’s impossible to communicate clearly at these times - until the emotional response has resolved itself.)

Confusion, depression, and feeling emotionally overwhelmed are the end result of feeling disconnected from yourself… which is the end result of unresolved emotional responses!

The more you try not to think about a subject, the more prevalent the thoughts on that subject will become. This is why it sometimes appears that an emotion is intensifying. It’s not, it’s just that your point of focus is attracting similar thoughts which are triggering further emotional responses.

How to Solve Anxiety, Depression and Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed

There is always help, there is always an answer. You just need to resolve each emotional response to align yourself, so you can be led into inspired action. This needs to include upgrading your skills to deal with the problems which will otherwise continue to invade and contaminate your mind.

Improving your ability to feel better in your relationships with other people requires upskilling your abilities in the following areas:

  1. Understanding how to resolve ALL emotional responses so they don’t lead you into a downward negative spiral which makes you feel isolated and inadequate.
  2. Understanding how to stay in alignment with yourself so feeling confident, peaceful and connected with others is your NORMAL state of being.
  3. Understanding how emotional and sexual attraction works, so you can confidently participate in, and grow your relationships with others (without feeling emotionally or sexually needy).
  4. Solving all sexual “malfunctions” so you can become confident in your ability to satisfy and feel satisfied in a loving and intimate relationship.

These answers and so much more are contained in my Sex Mastery and Real EASY Love programs for men, women, and couples. Get the answers on how to stop feeling anxious and depressed so you can restore a relaxed, happy, and satisfying life today. Gain more insights and schedule a complimentary strategy session here.

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