Can Tantra Massage Cure Sexual Problems?

Can tantric massage cure my sex problems?

Many years ago, I trained in tantric teachings and I can tell you now that tantra massage is mostly ineffective for solving sexual problems such as early ejaculation, weak erections and problems reaching orgasm. You may be curious as to why, so I have addressed this topic in depth within these sex problems and tantra massage FAQ.

tantra massage and sex problems

Can tantra massage cure sex problems?

Tantra massage can enhance your personal experience of the sexual act when sexual problems such as premature ejaculation (PE), erectile dysfunction (ED) and being unable to orgasm have been solved, BUT tantra massage will not cure sex problems. Tantra massage does not address the underlying cause of sexual function issues which is usually caused by wrong sexual focus.

If anything, tantra massage can exacerbate an already existing sexual issue and make it worse, or morph one sexual problem into two. This happens when the person's brain receives a stream of conflicting signals and is confused as to what is wanted.

It's common for men with sexual issues to try tantra massage for men in the hope of fixing their sex problems. However, to cure sex problems such as PE, ED and being unable to ejaculate, you need to first understand the order in which your sexual programs need to work and then how to correctly align your sexual focus. This is explained in my Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control program for men.

Can other tantric teachings cure male sex problems?

Tantric teachings are more about being aware of all of your senses and being totally present during sex. However, becoming more aware of your senses can make you feel over stimulated or under stimulated and have less control during sex! 

There is also a spiritual element to tantra, where the focus is more on emotional and spiritual connection between two partners. This is a common cause of loss of erection hardness in men. 

You need to know how to correctly direct your focus and therefore awareness of feeling/sensitivity to stay in control of the sexual act, and this is not explained in tantra. 

Why is feeling important?

Feeling is an emotional and physical sensation that needs to be both stimulated and encouraged but with the appropriate end result. Sometimes the feeling sensation can overwhelm the operating systems that your body has set up.

This imbalance is one of the main contributing factors linked to sexual problems. Lack of correct sexual focus prevents a man from gaining an erection and/or keeping his erection. Erectile dysfunction is on the opposite end of the sexual arousal scale to premature ejaculation. 

emotionally overwhelmed man

Awareness of feeling is controlled by focus processes, which must be monitored for a man to stay hard and in control. 

Tantra teaches me to squeeze my PC muscle and do Kegel exercises. Will that solve my premature ejaculation problem?

Strengthening your PC muscle by doing Kegel exercises is a good idea to improve the overall health and strength of your penis. BUT if you squeeze your PC muscle at the wrong time during sexual activity, then the intensity of feelings which result can make you lose control and ejaculate early.

It's vital to keep your level of arousal within the “safety zone” to be able to stay erect and to prevent yourself from ejaculating early. Tantra massage does not teach that.

Why do I feel sexually aroused all the time?

Men have 7-8x higher levels of testosterone than women, and a man’s body can seem OVERWIRED sexually. This means his body often reacts to sights, smells but more often, thoughts which invade his head at the wrong time. These thoughts may be reactive to the situation he’s in or a fantasy he would like to execute. 

Sexual fantasies are a double-edged sword when it comes to sexual problems – there is a right way and a wrong way to use them. Used in the wrong way fantasies including tantra massage will make your sex problems worse.

tantra massage sexual fantasies

Can tantra massage cure premature ejaculation?

Far from being a cure for premature ejaculation tantra massage for men can make an early ejaculation problem worse. This is usually due to the highly arousing fantasy component. 

In addition to this, the complex breathing and pelvic floor squeezing combination recommended throughout a tantra massage can add to performance anxiety leading to premature ejaculation or loss of erection. The result will depend on the timing of his loss of focus.

Can tantra massage cure erectile dysfunction?

It is rare for tantra massage to cure erectile dysfunction permanently. When a tantra massage is performed the tantric therapist is generally skilled in technique and provides a stimulating and erotic environment which is difficult to replicate. 

Many men with weak erection problems have a partner who is uninterested in sex and it's common for female partners to not want to participate in sexual fantasies including tantra massage.

Tantra massage can also make men with erectile dysfunction become reliant on tantra massage to get an erection. This is not an ideal situation for a man in a relationship if his partner is not willing to perform it, or it feels like he is cheating if he goes for a tantra massage.

Tantra can also cause a man with ED to start ejaculating early due to the fantasy element.

treatment of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction together chart

What causes men to suffer from both PE and ED?

It’s common for a man to start with either of these problems and end up with both of them as he struggles to stay in control over his arousal levels. Can tantra massage make this worse? Yes, because it adds to the confusion his brain is already experiencing.

The vast majority of sexual anxiety stems from not knowing what to focus your attention on - or what to switch focus to when you are engaging sexually.

Knowing how to correct your focus in the moment when you notice you are starting to feel over-stimulated or under-stimulated naturally results in a man staying hard and in control.

“My premature problem made sex unsatisfying for both me and my wife. I felt apprehensive leading up to the session which opened my eyes and my knowledge base. I highly recommend Jacqui’s method – it’s like an advanced learning process, a new learning technique which is easy to understand.”


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In Summary: Tantra massage will not cure your sex problems.

Tantra massage will not cure your sex problems and can lead to relationship breakdown. It’s common for the partner of a man with weak erection or early ejaculation problems to eventually lose interest in sex. This is because the process of sex becomes too nerve wracking and complicated.

There is a lot of power waiting to be unleashed in the genital area of your body. This incorporates spiritual, emotional and physical. Your penis does not need to be satisfied – IT IS YOUR BRAIN!! This is also the main area of concentration to eliminate ALL sexual problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and being unable to orgasm.

My unique Psychosexual Alignment method teaches you how to direct your body's mental, emotional and physical processes. This enables you to correctly direct your sexual focus to moderate your awareness of feeling and experience enjoyable sex regardless of your age.

Leading up to the session I felt inquisitive, aroused and expectant. Initially I was looking for a sensual massage which would give me relief, when I stumbled across Jacqui's website. I realized after the session that I could have gone anywhere for a sensual massage and been masturbated, but what Jacqui taught me instead, I couldn’t learn anywhere else.

What I learnt from Jacqui is that there is more to sexual arousal than ejaculating.

I now know how to control myself without feeling frustrated and I am confident that I have ended my chronic premature ejaculation problem too. Jacqui said she would guarantee me a life-changing experience and she certainly gave me that. She is a genuine, thoughtful and caring therapist. I recommend her 100%.


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