What Causes Lack of Libido?

What causes a lack of libido?

What causes lack of libido in men and women? While diet and exercise can play a small part in causing a low libido, they’re usually not the main cause. Our thoughts are the most dominant factor in causing a lack of libido in both sexes. It is common for men and women to suffer from a lack of libido and start losing interest in sex. Via our thoughts, our brain controls the sex programs and all related hormonal responses. When the brain is constantly distracted, it causes the libido to switch off.

While children, stress and health issues can temporarily affect a person’s libido, your thoughts provide a constant source of distraction. So, let’s look at how thoughts about problems can negatively affect your libido.

lack of libido in women

Sex is the ultimate expression of love for a partner. To show desire and emotion wrapped into one, the physical closeness and underlying emotion. When physical closeness is impeded by a sexual dysfunction problem such as PE, ED, or either partner struggling to reach orgasm, it affects the quality of the emotional connection. Instead of feeling close and connected, the underlying fear of performance issues causes feelings of separation and disconnection in both partners. This eventually results in a loss of libido for either partner.

We have the male perspective and the female perspective. Certain sex problems such as premature ejaculation (PE) erectile dysfunction (ED) and being unable to orgasm will eventually detrimentally affect the libido. This is because of the mental contamination and disruption associated with these challenges.

What Causes Lack of Libido in Women?

Women tend to switch between many subjects at once – known to cause confusion to many males! This tendency toward mental distraction in women can also lead to a lack of libido. Unfortunately, most men aren’t very forthcoming with details when asked a simple question. This can also result in him accidentally switching off her libido.

Many women have confided their concerns to me about their man's sex problems. For example, when her male suffers from erectile dysfunction and loses his hard during foreplay, it's common for a woman to over-analyze the cause and think it’s happening because: he’s not attracted to her, he’s not turned on by her, or he’s having an affair!

Usually, this is far from the truth. Frequently, his weak erection problem is caused by focusing too much attention on her during foreplay so his brain doesn’t receive enough arousing signals!

Premature Ejaculation Can Cause a Lack of Libido in Women Too

If her man suffers from premature ejaculation this also can switch off her libido. JUST when she’s starting to feel really turned on and connected, her male ejaculates without warning.

Many men who ejaculate early think they can get away with giving her lots of foreplay instead of quality intercourse time. Unfortunately, this results in constant disappointment for her. This is because most women consider the ultimate sexual connection to include full, penetrative intercourse with a fulfilling emotional connection.

When a woman herself is unable to achieve orgasm, sex is constantly disappointing. Even if she can orgasm during foreplay, it’s just not the same as orgasming during intercourse with her partner. Over a period of time, a woman who can’t orgasm may lose interest in sexual frequency.

Combine either of these problems, and a lack of libido in women will be a swiftly occurring event.

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lack of libido and sexual function

What Causes Lack of Libido in Men?

When a man has a lack of libido, it’s usually connected with another sex problem such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or being unable to ejaculate. While most men start with a healthy sexual appetite, these problems weigh down on a man, attacking his confidence and self-esteem.

Men can also be affected by their partner’s loss of libido. Most men assume that his partner’s lack of interest in sex is hormonal or related to health issues. If your partner is suddenly more interested in running the house and looking after children than attending to your sexual needs, you need to ascertain the reason behind this sudden lack of interest.

While it’s mentally draining looking after children (which most certainly can cause loss of libido) there may be other reasons for her reduced sex drive. Even if you don’t have problems with weak erections or early ejaculation, your sexual technique may not be fulfilling her.

Make sure you find out what she likes and doesn’t like, from kissing, to the sexual position, to preferred fantasies (or no fantasies!) Never assume a woman's turn-ons - because every woman is different and her wants and desires can change over time.

In Summary

Regardless of the sexual challenge for either partner, ongoing disappointment in sex results in a lack of libido. If you suffer from early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or being unable to orgasm, then get those issues sorted so you can satisfy your partner as well as yourself.

This enables you to be at ease with how you perform during sex without worrying about what's going to happen next. It also enables you to feel connected so you can both enjoy your sex time, each knowing what to expect of each other. Getting rid of unresolved sex problems will usually cure a lack of libido. These problems can all be solved with my proven Sex Mastery programs for men and women:

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