12 Hidden Factors Which Cause Male Sex Problems

What Are the Causes of Male Sex Problems?

We all know about the "common factors" related to male sex problems which include diet and exercise. What you may not know of, are the hidden factors which cause embarrassing problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and being unable to orgasm. These hidden factors are incredibly common, most often overlooked and unrelated to medical conditions or the common generalizations regarding diet and exercise.

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Problem #1: Not Using Lube

A dry entry is a difficult entry! When you're already sensitive about whether or not your penis will work, not using lubrication is a recipe for disaster because you're going to worry about:

a) if it's going to stay hard while you put it in or 
b) if that rough entry is going to over stimulate you and make you ejaculate.

Lube allows for a smooth, effortless entry for you as well as a silky, sexy feeling for your partner. I recommend a good organic lube which doesn't sting and is free of nasty chemicals. Coconut oil is even more preferable, just use a tiny amount on the outside edge of the vagina as it can reduce awareness of sensitivity.

Problem #2: Not Paying Attention

I've said it many times – sex is like driving a car. A man cannot stay in control if he doesn't know how to keep his mind on the job and pay attention so he can reach his preferred destination.

Think of it this way. If a man speeds up without paying attention, what's going to happen? He may veer out of his lane, crash and make a big mess. Likewise, during sex. And what happens if he is not paying attention and he slows down? You guessed it – he might lose his erection. This is not rocket science but is a leading cause of many male sex problems.

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Problem #3: Contemplating Difficulties at Work

This may seem obvious, but many men are guilty of it. Think for a moment of a pilot employed to fly a large commercial jet. As he is thinking about his upcoming work contract renewal, he punches in the autopilot coordinates... and enters the wrong numbers. Where do you think the plane might end up??

The problem here, is that the conscious mind can only focus on one subject at a time. Now relating this to the sexual act, if a man enters the wrong coordinates during sex it can cause him to stall - or crash and burn... or lose the interest of his partner (and not necessarily in that order.) To put it simply, if he is thinking about something else during sex, then it's impossible for him to correctly coordinate the sexual programs in his brain.

Problem #4: Worrying if Essential Body Parts Are Going to be Up to Speed

Being distracted in any way, shape or form during sex is a man's greatest enemy. If he is worried about whether or not his parts are going to be working properly to ignite (then complete) the sexual act with his partner, his attention won't be focused in such a way that would guarantee his success!

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Problem #5: Worrying About Completing the Act Too Quickly

We've touched on this before. Let me give you another way of looking at it. Don't think about a black car. What immediately comes to mind? If a man tries not to think about completing the act early, that's the picture he's holding in his mind - ejaculating early. Unfortunately this unwanted thought pattern can activate the ejaculation program in his brain, which can contribute to his fast demise during sex.

Problem #6: Thinking About Other Adventures

This is unfortunately a common dilemma and frequently occurs when a man's partner is not fully engaged in the sexual act with him. It also occurs when he has an unrealized sexual fantasy which he wants to execute. This fantasy may or may not be related to his partner's lack of interest and frequently consumes his thoughts throughout the sexual act. Which leads us to the next factor...

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Problem #7: His Partner's Lack of Interest in Sex

We all hear jokes about how often men want sex, but the reality is that many men need sex like a fish needs water. Not only detrimental to a man's sex life, a lack of sexual interest by a partner can threaten the very fabric which holds their relationship together.

If a man feels like his partner isn't interested in participating in the sexual part of their relationship, it can set him up to experience a huge amount of performance anxiety in the few times that they invite any sexual activity with him. And if he's feeling anxious during sex... then his intensity is on the wrong subject matter which may cause him to lose his erection or lose control - or not be able to orgasm.

Problem #8: His Partner Contemplating (Her) To-Do List During Sex

Another common yet frustrating problem, which can also prevent women from achieving orgasm. Most men are surprised to learn that women have as much difficulty staying focused during sex as they do.

If a man sees a vacant look in his partner's eyes during intercourse, then it may cause him to start worrying about their apparent lack of interest. This can cause him to lose his momentum - and lose his erection or lose control and ejaculate early.

avoid sugar and sweetener for great sex

Problem #9: Crashing and Burning After a Sugar High

To maintain sexual health and fitness, you're told to "eat healthy" however, healthy eating does not include ingesting copious amounts of sugar laden soft drinks, fruit juice or other sweet beverages. What goes up must come down - and a man really doesn't want to crash and burn during sex with his partner.

If you want energy to complete a great round of sex, stick to non-sweetened beverages throughout the day, such as water or sparkling water with a wedge of lemon or lime.

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Problem #10: Not Having the Physical Fitness to Complete the Job

This can also relate to the foods and beverages a man is consuming. Sex requires a huge amount of energy! If a man is physically unfit, then he may struggle at times to maintain an even rhythm which is fulfilling for his partner. An unfit man is also more likely to huff, puff and then collapse on his partner before either of them is feeling fulfilled.

One of the most common sexual positions favored by many couples makes it incredibly difficult for a man to maintain an even rhythm, stay in control - and actually complete the sexual act. Check out my post about the best sex positions for control and connection here.

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Problem #11: An Ineffective Sexual Technique

A man's sexual technique encompasses so much more than his sexual positioning, it's as much about how he engages and interacts with his partner throughout the entire sexual act.

Sex education doesn't teach males the exact procedure required to gain an erection, maintain it and stay in control of ejaculation. Great sex starts between the ears! Usually when a male has sex for the first time, he just hopes that everything will work out like it does in the movies but this is frequently not the case.

Problem #12: Lack of Confidence in His Prowess

When a man lacks in confidence sexually, then it may affect his ability to stay hard and/or in control of when he ejaculates. This is because he's having too many thoughts about whether or not he's going to get hard... whether his technique is fulfilling his partner... how long he's going to stay hard... if he's going to get too hard... whether or not his erection is going to make him blow early... or thoughts like: don't ejaculate, don't ejaculate, don't ejaculate! Or, please stay hard! Please stay hard! Please stay hard!

There are a myriad of other thoughts which can make a man lose all control over the sexual act. If you're a male experiencing sex problems experienced as early ejaculation, weak erections and being unable to orgasm, make sure you get checked out by a medical professional to ensure you don't have any underlying medical conditions which may be contributing to your problem - then get help to get your other head sorted.

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