The Best Premature Ejaculation Cure

Cure Premature Ejaculation and Restore Confidence

For a man experiencing premature ejaculation, there is nothing more important than restoring his sexual confidence. Unfortunately, his search for the best premature ejaculation cure can turn up some dubious results to say the least! Many of my customers found me because they were looking for a natural and permanent cure for premature ejaculation and this is what I will share with you in this post.

Professional health websites like mine aren't allowed to use the word "cure" to advertise their products and services. However, I want you to know that with the correct knowledge and technique, the majority of men can time their ejaculation and restore a happy and satisfying sex life.

As you know, premature ejaculation (PE) destroys your self-esteem by inhibiting your ability to perform normal sex, affects your self-confidence, and causes ongoing worry that you are unable to satisfy your partner in bed. This has a destructive effect on relationships as you and your partner struggle to connect and feel fulfilled.

If there's one thing you need to know, it's the importance of dealing with it now.

Do Drugs Cure Premature Ejaculation?

I've helped thousands of men overcome premature ejaculation without drugs and feel that drugs offer more of a placebo effect than an actual cure. If you take a drug for PE and stop worrying about the problem, then there's a chance that you will no longer experience early ejaculation. However, if one anxious thought sneaks in, then an onslaught of negative thoughts can spiral you down, take you off your game and drugs will no longer seem to work.

Premature ejaculation drugs, medicines, and numbing creams take away from the spontaneity of sex and often don't work due to anxiety and confusion as to what you should be focused on. This is the main problem!

I have coached several medical specialists in how to solve their own sex problems. They told me the medical profession have no idea how to permanently cure premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Doctors, urologists, psychologists and other therapists commonly prescribe erection enhancing drugs, numbing creams or antidepressants in an attempt to treat premature ejaculation even though it's a common belief among medical professionals that premature ejaculation cannot be cured.  

It's also demoralizing to have to rely on drugs, pills and creams just so you can last longer. 

Antidepressants are prescribed with the aim of numbing your awareness of feeling in your penis. Unfortunately, this can lead to erectile dysfunction when your brain doesn't receive enough awareness of sensation to maintain a hard erection!

Antidepressants may also lead to what my clients have described as a numbing of the mind, which tends to lead to more confusion and an inability to balance your sexual focus to stay in control.

premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction

Premature Ejaculation then Erectile Dysfunction

Similar to the effects of antidepressants, it's common for premature ejaculation drugs and numbing creams to result in erectile dysfunction. Because PE drugs and medications don't educate you about the triggers which cause your early ejaculation problem, your issue continues occurring or can morph into two distinct problems - PE and ED. Then you have two problems to contend with!

Erection enhancing drugs improve blood flow which can increase awareness of sensitivity, so it's a mystery why erection drugs are prescribed for premature ejaculation. Drugs often create more problems than providing a long-term solution. 

If a sex therapist, counselor or other therapist is recommending drugs for your premature ejaculation problem, or you have been in therapy for months with no improvement, it indicates they may not have the insights required to solve your problem.

Ongoing premature ejaculation problems increase performance anxiety which may affect your ability to get a hard erection. This ongoing loop causes stress in your relationship and prevents you from feeling like a complete man. The related performance anxiety results in confusion and doubt, exactly the help you DON’T need to get rid of PE. 

Realistically, when you apply the correct thought and action sequence during sex which I can provide, your brain can respond with the correct responses - so you can enjoy being hard AND in control.

Just make sure you get checked out medically to ensure there aren't any underlying health issues.

Mental Distractions and Premature Ejaculation

There are many premature ejaculation treatments available and most don't provide a lasting cure. This is because any mental distractions which occur during sex can re-trigger a previously occurring problem. This puts you back in the worry cycle and trying not to think about ejaculating.

It's like trying not to think about a black car, the more you try not to think about a black car, the more it's image is embedded in your mind?

Whenever you are trying not to think about ejaculating, you are picturing ejaculation and this signals your brain that you require the ejaculation program. This isn't your fault, you're just missing some essential knowledge and technique, which can easily be corrected. 

To cure premature ejaculation, FIRST, you must understand which actions bring about the onset of the problem. Then you can delay ejaculation by dealing with the physical and mental distractions which are taking you off your game. 

In other words, you need to understand the main causes and how they are affecting you, then simply apply the correct actions to restore full control over your penis.

1. Correct Your Sexual Focus

fantasies cure premature ejaculation

PE is usually (for the most part) a mental contamination problem. If you are overstimulating your brain with thoughts of sexual fantasies, how great it's going to feel when you're inside that hot, moist vagina and you're constantly thinking about your penis... I can guarantee you are going to lose control and ejaculate early.

This is because these thoughts cause you to become hyper-aware of the sensations in your penis. Therefore, ejaculation will occur within seconds or minutes of foreplay, penetration or intercourse.

However, it's not just these thoughts which contaminate your mind and cause you to ejaculate. You may be thinking about how arousing your partner is - or trying not to think about how arousing she is and how aroused you are feeling!

Either way, this kind of focus is mentally contaminating your ability to stay in control of ejaculation. To naturally cure premature ejaculation, you need to adjust your focus and actions as you progress from foreplay through to penetration and intercourse. 

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Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are actually similar problems but caused by different degrees and awareness of stimulation. Many men sense different amounts of stimulation and never reach the point of feeling "hard" and in control. This makes for a stressful sexual experience for all involved because of the uncertainty of the outcome!

performance anxiety

2. Remove Performance Anxiety

To completely cure premature ejaculation, you need to deal with the mental contamination problem. This includes performance anxiety which is taking you off your game.

Being constantly anxious and uncertain of the right mechanics which govern the sexual act leaves you with more questions than answers. When your mind is consistently analyzing what's happening with your penis, you can overstimulate your brain and ejaculate early.

The real problem here is that performance anxiety is constantly being brought on because your brain doesn’t have a plan to follow and you are confused as to what you should be focusing on during sex. This can result in ejaculating early or losing erection hardness.

Being able to control the sexual and emotional programs in your BRAIN is paramount. This can enable you to overcome your sexual anxiety as well as cure premature ejaculation. By balancing your sexual focus you are able to keep a hard erection, penetrate without any problems and control the timing of when you ejaculate.

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cure premature ejaculation naturally

3. Upgrade to Correct Knowledge and Techniques

Premature ejaculation can happen at any time during a sexual act. Sometimes men ejaculate while giving or receiving foreplay, others ejaculation at penetration time, putting a condom on, during intercourse, or while changing their sexual position.

Although ejaculation may seem unexpected, how you focus your actions and attention throughout foreplay, penetration, and intercourse will determine when you ejaculate.

While it seems like the same problem, men ejaculate for different reasons throughout the sexual act. Experiencing premature ejaculation during intercourse is generally caused by a completely different reason than why he would ejaculate at penetration time. 

See also: The Best Sex Positions for PE and ED 

In order to cure premature ejaculation, you require a complete sexual strategy which encompasses the whole of the sexual act so you can be in control of yourself during foreplay, penetration, and intercourse. Each of these sexual "programs" have their own specific focal points and actions which enable you to stay hard and in control. 

Sex isn't just about putting your penis in and hoping for the best - that's a recipe for a big mess to clean up, both inside and outside the bedroom! It's important to deal with mental, emotional and physical distractions so they don't take you off your game.

The reason why so many men struggle to overcome their premature problem and continue to ejaculate early is because they don't understand how they are causing the problem:

You Cannot Cure Premature Ejaculation with Kegel's

Kegel exercises are great for strengthening the muscles which support your penis, but contracted at the wrong time can actually cause premature ejaculation. Flexing your penis results in increased blood flow to the penis and while this is good for enhancing the overall health of your penis, if you flex your penis when you are feeling overexcited, it can cause you to ejaculate. This is because the increase in blood flow leads to an increase in awareness of sensations.

Performance anxiety is experienced when you are uncertain of how to proceed sexually. However, with the correct procedure in place, confidence and ejaculation control can usually be restored. For example, sexual fantasies which currently make you lose control and ejaculate early when used in the right way can become an amazing tool for enhancing your sex life. 

sexually fulfilled couple

In Summary

My recommendation for the best premature ejaculation cure is based on the knowledge of how to synchronize your mind and your penis. This procedure enables you to be in control of when you ejaculate while maintaining a hard erection.

I've helped a lot of men and couples solve premature ejaculation and their associated problems and in my experience, incorrect sexual focus is the primary cause of PE. Yet with the correct information and the right strategies in place, you can remove anxiety and gain complete confidence in your ability to satisfy both yourself and your partner in bed. 

I have total confidence my unique insights will set you up emotionally and sexually for life. Read more about my online programs and schedule a complimentary strategy session to get started. With this correct knowledge and a bit of practice, you can choose the timing of when you ejaculate.

Meet Jacqui Olliver, founder of the Psychosexual Alignment method and published author, who has helped thousands of men, women and couples restore emotional and sexual satisfaction. Get your ultimate sex education with Jacqui's Sex Mastery programs for men and women and elevate your sex life to a whole new level of connection.

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    • Hi Sam, PE is uncontrolled ejaculation – ejaculating before you or your partner want you to. Masturbation isn’t a direct cause of PE, as premature ejaculation is usually caused by focusing on your partner in the incorrect manner, or being too focused on yourself. However, if you masturbate to quickly relieve yourself when you’re feeling stressed, then this will exacerbate a premature ejaculation problem. Instructions for the best masturbation technique and how to solve your early ejaculation problem step-by-step is fully explained in my Sex Mastery Hard and in Control program for men.

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    • Hi Taylor, it is true that premature ejaculation can become worse without the correct treatment. This is because when a man randomly tries to control the timing of his ejaculation without making the correct adjustments, he can start losing erection hardness or not get hard at all. This is an easy problem which I can fix, either via my Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control program or 1/1 consultations.

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    • Hi Bravo, it can be common for men to develop weakness in their penis. The muscles which support a hard erection tend to atrophy without regular or long-lasting intercourse, as the penis is only exercised during intercourse. I recommend my Sex Mastery Hard AND in Control program which explains step-by-step how to maintain a hard erection and last longer.

  • I’m so sad. I ejaculated before I penetrated. I love sex, as well as my partner but now premature ejaculation and ED has taken that away. Please assist. It is a matter of urgency I really need help.

    • Hi Antony, this is a common problem many men face. It happens when you’re too focused on your own experience during sex. You need to know how to focus on your partner so you can stay hard and in control. This is explained in my Sex Mastery program for men.

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  • Hello, I have PE and I’m losing my relationship with my wife is lost. My confidence is very low. My wife refuses to help with this problem. Do I really need her to help with this problem or I can solve on my on? Please help me I don’t know what to do. Thank you

    • Hi Gilberto, absolutely YES – you can solve this problem on your own and without her help. My Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control prerecorded program provides the step-by-step procedures your brain requires for foreplay, penetration, and intercourse. This will give you a full understanding of how to control yourself sexually so you can confidently last longer and have more fun with your wife.

  • Hi, I used to masturbate from my early age, probably more than a normal person should have. Now after being sexually involved with a girl for couple of times I found out that I have PE. Now if I totally stop masturbating will it help me getting rid of PE?

    • Hi Tom, I’m glad you made the most of my complimentary session and invested in my program. Stopping masturbation will not solve a PE problem because the wrong sexual procedure is usually causing the issue. Understanding the correct techniques for foreplay, penetration, and intercourse will enable you to take control of the sexual act and last longer in bed. Keep in touch, I look forward to hearing of your successes 🙂

  • I am 36 years old and suffering from premature ejaculation. What should I do? Premature ejaculation has been started after taking antibiotic because I was suffering from fever and bad throat. Now when I start doing sex I come before and after few seconds. Erection is fine everything is ok. Kindly suggest any medicine. Thanks.

    • Hi Mungo, it’s unlikely that the PE problem is related to the antibiotics you took. It could be that when you were sick you were more focused on yourself which resulted in ejaculating early. My Hard and In Control program provides the complete answer.

  • I have tried many pills to get rid of PE but no solution. I tried Jacqui’s “Hard and in control” program and I must say that it has solved all my problems.

  • Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous
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    I’ll send this post to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a good read.
    I appreciate you for sharing!

  • Suffering from PE. What will I do to cure it? And how do I get the hard and control program. I need a lasting solution.

    • Hi Joseph, my unique Hard and in Control program provides the best answer for curing PE. The program can be found under “Treatment” in my website menu. Links to the program are also in the sidebar which will show near the bottom of a mobile device.

  • Hi Jacqui,
    Please help me I have PE and I ejaculate so fast. I’m interested with your program. How can read or view your program? Can you send it via email? Please I really need your help Jacqui. 🙁

    • Hi, I’ve just provided the link to my Hard AND in Control program in answer to another reader’s request. I’m currently running a promotional special on the program with $50 off. I’m totally confident this program will help you gain full ejaculation control.

  • My name is Junior and I really need your help.. I started masturbating when I was in 10th grade thinking it was just a stage but now its becoming a hobby and I have PE now. I’ve searching for solutions and answers but still. It so embarrassing to say it but I confidently need your HELP please ASAP.

    • Hi Junior, I feel for you, masturbation is such a normal thing to do. The problem is, men tend to do it for a fast release which can then cause problems because it trains your brain to trigger the ejaculation program faster than what is ideal for sex with a live partner! You need to understand how arousal works, and the specific thoughts and actions which are causing you to lose control and ejaculate early. Then, with a complete start to end strategy for sex, you can take control of your body and master sex. This is explained in detail in my thought-provoking, proven program for men.

    • Hi Ernest, by changing the messages you give to your brain (by correctly redirecting your thoughts and actions during foreplay and intercourse) you will be able to achieve better control of ejaculation than you ever could with painkillers. This is explained in detail, in my “Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control” program.

  • Hello, I suffer the same problem of PE and ED and I fear it will affect my sex life. How do I get into one of your session because I’m having problem of understanding the methods you’ve given above?? Please help.

    • Hi Ian, you can book a session directly from my website (click on Book In on the menu.) Obviously I haven’t given the complete answers on this post. I’ve explained WHAT you need to do. HOW to do it is provided in complete detail in my 1/1 session or pre-recorded breakthrough program for men: Hard AND in Control.

  • I have not had sex before, but I masturbate when I was 18 years. I cum so early, if I should have sex in order to last longer, I shouldn’t think about sex.. I should think of some thing else to keep my brain focused?

    • Hi Darlington, when you suffer from PE, your brain is already distracted. To not think about sex can cause the opposite problem of losing erection hardness. Your brain requires enough sexual focus to retain your erection, but not too much sexual focus – which will cause early ejaculation. The key to staying hard and in control is to balance your sexual focus. At present, you are too focused on your own arousal.

      How to refocus your attention (so that you retain full, intimate connection with your partner) is fully explained in my “Hard AND in Control!” program.

  • I need help, I’m sure I have PE and ED because I was having sex with my girlfriend and she is super hot, I only last from 1 to 3 minutes it’s so embarrassing I don’t want her to leave me? Could you help.

  • I have a problem. I masturbate a lot but during sex activity I ejaculate early and that has became a problem. Some girls dump me because of it. Please help.

    • Hi Khumbuzile, I feel for you. It’s humiliating to not be able to satisfy your partner in bed. The problem with masturbating with the sole purpose of relieving yourself is that it tends to be fast. This habitual “fast release” can lead to episodes of early ejaculation when you have sex with a live partner.

      It doesn’t mean you will have PE for life, it just means you need to modify your sexual technique when you are with a partner. So you have a new program for sex stored in your brain. Habitually, your focus has been on yourself, whereas you need to balance your sexual focus. HOW you do this is vitally important and is fully explained in detail, in my “Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control” program for men.

  • Jacqui, that is good information there. The problem of premature ejaculation can be put to a stop. I like the way you have taken us through, the step by step solution. It is real, PE can be treated.

  • Hi my self Sunny I meet accident last year Back where spinal cord has damaged with over active bladder now its getting cure but still PE not cured. While watching hot scenes I leak my sperm so please help me from this problem.

  • Hello. I am suffering from PE and ED… It’s been so long.. that has cost me more than I can tell to the extent that my partner don’t have confidence in me…. I have read so many posts and many medicines I have taken also to no permanent cure. What can I do to eradicate this problem. Your help is needed. Thanks.

    • Hi Badal, it’s common for man who has suffered from life-long PE to then develop an ED problem. This is caused by catapulting from one end of the arousal scale to the other in desperation of eradicating the initial problem. What I do, is I teach you the procedure your brain needs for sex. This includes specific thoughts and actions which give your brain the “signals” it understands – instead of random thoughts and actions which confuse your brain. This enables you to stay hard AND in control.

  • Hi Jacqui,
    My PE is upsetting my fiancee so much that I feel she’s on the verge of leaving me. I’ve been taking Citalopram prescribed by the doctor and also Viagra but nothing seems to be working. Help!

    • Hi Felipe, this is an easy problem for me to solve – don’t let your PE cost you another relationship! Drugs are like a band-aid which never actually solve the premature ejaculation problem. The fact is that when you’re constantly worrying about your penis, ONLY the penis programs become activated in your brain. Which means that the erection program is quickly followed by the ejaculation program. Your brain runs on procedures. With the RIGHT procedure, hard and in control is easy.

      • Hi Jacqui Olliver I am facing PE for same time now and on verge of losing my partner for not satisfying her to max…. please help

    • Hi Rhulani, the easiest way to cure early ejaculation is to provide your brain with the right signals. Men with PE tend to have tunnel vision and only think about their penis and how aroused they are feeling. This single minded focus fast tracks them towards ejaculation. Sex is about both partners, not just about one. The answer is to switch more of your focus to your partner, but it must be done in the right way, otherwise you will make the PE problem worse.

  • Hi Jacqui … am 19 years old boy from Philippines… but still am really worried about my dick size. It’s like baby’s dick… and more over while masturbating it ejaculates within 10 sec. Am so worried about it kindly help me to get out of it…

    • Hi Ricky, many men are concerned about their penis size. But from their partner’s point of view size is usually not the main issue. Constantly focusing on yourself and your penis is what’s causing the PE problem. Regarding size, there is a link to the best exercise to improve sexual function (at the bottom of this post) which can also increase penis size.

  • I suffer from PE. I was masturbating from 6 years and I realize that I have that problem. When I think of a sexy lady my penis gets hard and my timing of orgasm is less then one minute. I don’t perform real sex yet. But I am engaged. Please help. Thanks.

    • Hi Boby, it’s common for men to get into the habit of masturbating for a fast “release”. This causes problems when he wants to have sex with a real person. The sex programs required for foreplay and intercourse with a “real” person are explained in detail, both in my sessions and in my pre-recorded program for men: Hard AND in Control!

  • Hi Jacqui, hope you are doing good. I suffer from PE and would need your guidance to remove the root cause. Please help.

    • Hi Sumit, PE is an easy problem for me to solve. Once you understand the mechanics of sex, it’s easy to regain control. I look forward to helping you achieve a great sex life when you book a session – or buy my “Hard AND in Control” program.

    • Hi Rauan, as mentioned earlier premature ejaculation is an easy problem for me to solve. I’m totally confident I can help you achieve or restore a great sex life so you can satisfy your partner in bed. These tips are fully explained in my sessions and programs for men, women and couples.

  • Hi Jacqui,here are my concerns….I am in a relationship I’ve waited my entire life to have. She is absolutely perfect for me but I have a few issues….when it comes to have sex with her I can’t get a full on erection and then it’s ejaculation prematurely! She says it’s OK and it felt good! I feel I’m doing my part as sex between us has diminished to 2 or 3 times a month. Can you say sexual anxiety? What should I be doing different? I’ve taken Viagra,ok so what? Hasn’t cured the P E….help?

    • Hi Scott, this is a common problem among males. You require more focus on your woman but in a completely different manner than suggested elsewhere. I recommend that you book a session with me to sort this problem before it detrimentally affects your relationship.

  • Hi, I was on heroin for 20 years. Now clean but I only last like 2 mins once inside her. Used to masturbate a lot and even cum too quickly then. It’s very embarrassing and stressful. Please help.

    • Hi Darrel, when not on drugs, a man can be more hypersensitive about what’s going on in his life, including what’s happening with his penis! Unfortunately we’re never taught as we grow up, how to operate our sexual organs. You need a new strategy for sex. One that works, and is satisfying for your partner. This is an easy problem for me to solve, usually in one session.

  • Hi Jacqui

    Im 29 and I ejaculate too soon for me and my wife’s liking less then two minutes of intercourse. I used to do the same while younger and masturbated fast and vigorously in order to not get caught. I want to end my problem please help.

    • Hi Jeremy. Masturbating fast to not get caught unfortunately can set a man up for premature ejaculation issues, as it becomes the default “sex program” for the brain. Fortunately you can overwrite this program with a better one – which is what I teach in my 1/1 sessions and pre-recorded video program. Please contact me if you wish to set up a session to end your problem.

  • Looking for solution to solve my PE problem, lasting only a minute or two isn’t good enough. I want to be able to sexually satisfy my wife, need help!

  • Hi Jacqui, my penis can stay hard for 30 min when aroused but gets flaccid immediately it enters the vagina. The ejaculation is even fast when using a condom. When masturbating I can last 2-3min, I used to masturbate now for 7 years and used to do it fast and vigorously to avoid being caught. It’s a concern to my girl friend and my self. Please help.

    • Hi Bram, constant masturbation to finish fast has created a new program in your brain. We need to replace that “fast” program with “stay hard and in control”. We can usually achieve this in one session.

  • Hi am Eric from Kenya.. age 17… i have a serious PE issues… i have not had any real sexual experience but i can ejaculate by simply talking to a hot lady.. please help

  • Hello. I do experience this PE and ED… It’s been so long.. that has cost me more than I can tell to the extent that my partner don’t have confidence in me…. I have read so many posts and many medicines I have taken also to no permanent cure. What can I do to eradicate this problem. Your help is needed. Thanks.

    • Hi Goddy, medicines don’t provide a permanent cure for premature ejaculation. Anxiety is the one program in your brain which overrides all others. This is why many erectile medications don’t work. The thing is, you are experiencing anxiety because your brain doesn’t have a complete procedure to following during sex. So when you start losing your erection or feel like you’re losing control you can’t solve that problem.

  • Hey my name is Rey I have had PE problem for a long time now I am 31 and, it has made my sex life with my wife very difficult. To the point that we are more than likely having a divorce, very frustrating for the both of us. What can I do, I need help. I have tried anti depressants, but that did not work.

    • Hi Rey, premature ejaculation is an easy problem for me to solve, usually in one session. A session with me can save your marriage. You don’t need to numb the feeling, you need to understand the correct thought action sequence your brain needs to stay in control sexually. Anti depressants cause numbness of feeling which can actually cause the opposite problem of erectile dysfunction!

  • Please Jacqui, I have been masturbating since 14 and am now 20. But when I had sex with my partner, I ejaculate within one minute. Is it the masturbating that had lead me to that? Please help me.

  • I been involved in mastubation over the yrs and also had several sexual partners b4 marriage. I am 39yrs now with a serious PE and ED. after just a round of sex it takes me almost a day to get another erection. my wife is complaining seriously dat i cannot satisfy her.i don’t want to loose her after 2 kids. what should i do

  • Hi, i am 24 i have been masterbating science 14. I had first sex few days ago. I found my self that i cant last more then 1 minute and after mastetbating i can last about 4 minute . Now what should i do to cure my self.

  • Thank you Jacqui for informative post. I have PE problem, and I also found out that even when am alone and have thoughts about sexual nature (without female coming in contact with me), I easily quite pure and watery semen. Secondly, I used to masturbate because i was too religious and afraid of having sex, so, i only used masturbation to set myself free from the urge.
    Could masturbation be the cause of these two problems?

    • Hi Maxwell, whether you have thoughts of a sexual nature or you are physically with a partner, sexual thoughts activate the sexual programs in your body. When you over stimulate your brain with thoughts of sexual actions it causes you to ejaculate early.

      Masturbation can train you to ejaculate early if you are specifically using ejaculation to free yourself from the urge. When used correctly, however, masturbation practices can be used to practice my unique techniques for staying hard and in control with a partner.

  • i have PE problem. it takes time to ejaculate my sperm less than 1 min or 1 min. i take asthma medicine. is it responsible for PE?

  • Premature Ejaculation can be disturbing. I have suffered from it. But, I found the right solutions and techniques. You have mentioned very useful techniques. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Hi Jacqui

    One question that if i use viagra twice in a week 50 mg each for having sex, is there any side effect to my kidney if. I use them for years or for a long time. Plz let me know the facts

    • Hi Sunny, Viagra has some terrible side effects including blindness and deafness – but these side affects occur randomly. Medications, while “helping” one part of the body, generally negatively affect other parts of the body so use them at your own risk. In my opinion, it’s far better to understand the order in which your sexual programs must work so YOU can take control of when you ejaculate.

  • Hi dear
    I got ur remedy named 3 sexercises for ED & PE. I understood 2nd and the 3rd one but i dont know how to do the 1st one which is about pelvic floor muscles exsercise. Plz guide me through any video or pictoral presentation. Im really worried about it. Another question ! Is going upstairs and going down stairs for many floors good for pelvic floor muscles

  • Hi jacqui
    Im suffering from ED and PE both. For this i use viagra & everlong tab. But i want to cure it permanently without these drugs. I need u give me some techniques.

    • Hi Sunny, thanks for your comments. It’s common for a man with PE to then develop erectile dysfunction problems. If you try not to feel sexually aroused, then your brain starts shutting down the arousal program – which then starts affecting your ability to gain or maintain erection hardness. Start with these 3 best exercises to increase sexual function to regain the structural integrity of your penis. You then need to understand the thoughts and actions which contribute to early ejaculation and weak erection problems and then implement a complete strategy to regain control. This is the method I teach my clients.

  • Hello Jacquie
    Please can someone who is too religious and considered having sex before marriage is taboo, and also lack of confidence and fear of being caught can be the source of PE?

    • In reply to Seonjohn, yes, religion, lack of confidence and fear of being caught can all lead to PE. All of these things increase performance anxiety which distracts you during sex. For one man this will cause early ejaculation and for another man it will cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Thanks for the post perhaps it is an educative. You mention what people with PE should avoid, but you never mention what they should do.

    • Yes, Seonjohn, you need to understand what is contributing to a premature ejaculation problem before you will be able to solve it. I often solve a PE problem in one session with this explanation 🙂

  • Hi Jacqui Olliver, Yes I think you are right here to treat premature ejaculation. One of my friends was discussing this issue and he was very depressed and was taking some pills, but he was not getting any permanent results. When I visited your website and read about the premature ejaculation and important tips from you to handle premature ejaculation, I found this website very interesting and will recommend to my friend.

  • Another interesting article. A little focus can go a long way. This is the same for women to orgasm. Getting and staying focused on the moment helps.

    When a women has a man who is present with them in the moment the connection is heightened and the pleasure is amazing. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    • Thanks Al, it’s always a pleasure to work with clients who are committed to solving their problem. Some men lose confidence and don’t make it to the session – which is a shame, because they wasted the opportunity to solve their problem.

      When hesitating in dealing with a problem, you’ve got to weigh up the cost to your self-esteem, your confidence, your partner and your relationship. It is common for our mind to make excuses. If you have a problem, deal with your problem – and you no longer have a problem.

  • Thanks for such great advice presented in a “non sleazy” way. It is often such difficult subject and I shall highly recommend this site.

    • Thanks Sarah, it’s amazing how taboo the subject is – yet 1 in 3 men (closer to 1/2 of men over 40) suffer from early ejaculation or erectile dysfunction problems. Which makes it no surprise that 4 out of 5 women find it difficult to orgasm during intercourse.

      It’s a shame we’re not given the manual on how to drive our sexual programs at school…

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