Best Foods for Harder Erections

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While weak erections affect nearly half of all men over 40, there are many younger men suffering from this common sexual dysfunction which is an impediment to their relationship and overall wellbeing. I’m a firm believer in controlling the elements which can be controlled to improve sexual function and get harder erections and this includes the foods you eat.

Hard erections aren't just about food and exercise. What's most important is to feed your brain with the correct sexual focus (thoughts and actions) which naturally make you get hard then stay hard and in control of when you ejaculate.

Eat These Foods to Prevent Weak Erections

foods to harden up your erection

Part of your strategy to attain consistently hard erections requires eating foods which increase blood flow and improve circulation, foods which positively influence your state of mind and your ability to think clearly – and foods which nourish your body and enhance mechanical function.

Choose foods which only have one ingredient and avoid processed foods which contain preservatives!

Remember that it’s not your taste buds which need feeding, every cell in your body requires nutrients to ensure you have optimal health and energy for sex. Preparation is key, if you don’t have meals and snacks planned, it is likely you will reach for anything to appease your hunger.

When contemplating your wants and needs with regards to food, remember that there is a short term, medium term and long term consequence of everything you put in your mouth. Packaged foods and fast foods containing preservatives and flavor enhancers may taste good in the short term, but in the medium term they’re going to affect your erection hardness and long term can lead to serious erectile dysfunction issues.

Here’s a menu example to make it easier to harden up your erection:

breakfast for hard erections

Best Breakfast Foods for Harder Erections

It’s important to kick start your day with a good breakfast. Choose foods which keep your mood and blood sugar levels stable to help you feel balanced and energized throughout the morning.

Fibre will improve your digestive health and you also require a balance of good protein and healthy fats to improve sexual function. The best sources of breakfast requirements can include: berries, oats, eggs, coconut oil, avocado, coconut milk and butter.


Does drinking coffee Affect Erection Hardness?

Although high in antioxidants, coffee robs the body of magnesium which is an essential ingredient for keeping strong, hard erections.

Magnesium is required for over 300 processes in your body including muscle contraction so limit your coffee intake to one per day. High sources of magnesium include bananas and leafy green vegetables.

lunch foods for harder erections

Best Lunch Foods for Harder Erections

Lunch provides your afternoon energy, so to avoid a mid afternoon slump focus on protein combined with healthy fats to balance your blood sugar and include a good serving of vegetables.

Foods high in lycopene (tomatoes, watermelon) help to protect the prostrate to improve mechanical function. Avocado is a nutrient dense source of healthy fats which is also high in Vitamin E helping to improve blood flow and sexual function.

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Protein sources such as salmon or sardines are rich in tryptophan and Omega essential fatty acids which boost your mood and overall sense of well being to set you up for intimate late afternoon activities.

food for hard erection

Best Evening Meals for Harder Erections

Follow through on your new way of eating and don’t skimp at dinner. The foods you eat at dinner time may determine your ability to get an erection and keep an erection. Avoid high carbohydrate meals before sex such as pasta, rice, bread or potatoes – or indulging in foods high in sugar as they often cause a rapid drop in energy and lead to your brain being lazy or unfocused.

Free range, organic chicken will deliver the amino acid L-arginine to help relax the muscles surrounding your blood vessels which will increase blood flow into your penis.

Combine this with a selection of fresh green vegetables such as kale, spinach and watercress to boost your Vitamin C levels and enhance circulation.

Best Snack Foods for Harder Erections

When you’re hungry or need a boost in energy go for a healthy fat option such as eggs, avocado, nut butter or coconut oil. Sliced banana or apple with almond butter is another great option.

pre sex snacks

Final thoughts

If you want to achieve consistently hard erections (so you can please yourself AND your partner in bed) you need to make wise choices about the foods you are eating. Foods which impede blood flow and block circulation need to be avoided at all costs.

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