How to Prepare a Woman for Sex – Even if She’s Not in the Mood

Uncover the exact procedure of how to prepare a woman for sex…

From switching her on… to keeping her switched on. And preparing yourself! Discover how to prepare a woman for sex so you can both relax and enjoy regular intimacy.

how to prepare a woman for sex

You can’t enjoy satisfying sex with a woman if she keeps pushing you away.

Many studies show that most young people get their sex education from porn. Let’s face it – due to a porn education many men think that a woman will be as happy to have sex as he is – and that she will want and initiate sex as frequently as he wants her to. 

Sadly, that’s usually not the case. You need more than an amazing sexual intercourse technique to keep a woman interested in having sex with you. And if you’re not sure about how good your sexual technique is, then you really do need to start here. You need to know how to prepare a woman for sex on all levels.

The fact is that if you don’t turn on her “sexual switches” in the right order, or if your woman doesn’t like your foreplay, penetration, and intercourse technique, then she’s going to rapidly lose interest in having sex with you.

Unless your woman passionately pounces on you and frequently wants you to ravish her, then your lead up to sex both inside and outside of the bedroom is probably lacking in finesse. You need to know how to prepare a woman for sex - and how to increase her desire for sex by improving your overall sexual technique.

The science behind a female's desire and motivation for sex

When understanding how to prepare a woman for sex it's important to understand that biologically, we're wired completely differently. Men are hormonally wired to procreate and protect the species, and women are hormonally wired to nurture and grow the species. Even though sex is nowadays more about pleasure and connection, we're highly influenced by sex specific hormones, especially testosterone and oxytocin - and dopamine. Very simply:

Testosterone provides drive and strength, and the desire to procreate.

Oxytocin (known as the bonding hormone) is released in large quantities at the point of orgasm.  Oxytocin is also the balancing hormone to the stress hormone cortisol in both sexes. When cortisol levels are high, oxytocin is low and vice versa. 

Dopamine is the reward hormone, it's what makes you want more of something. Oxytocin and Dopamine are two of the main hormones that make you feel good when you orgasm. 

Men have 7-8x higher levels of testosterone and much lower levels of oxytocin than women. Due to oxytocin being released in large quantities at the point of orgasm, and being the balancing hormone to the stress hormone cortisol, many men rely on having an orgasm to release stress.

Women naturally have much higher levels of oxytocin and much lower levels of testosterone than men. This often translates as a lower sex drive, less desire for sexual intimacy, and more desire to just kiss, cuddle, and hold hands.

Approaching sex and intimacy from a "bonding" level is how to prepare a woman for sex. This will increase her overall desire to initiate sex and in addition to this, when sex is good, high levels of oxytocin and dopamine are generated - which fuels her desire to connect.

Conversely, if sex is stressful or unfulfilling then cortisol levels will be high and she's just not going to be interested. When preparing a woman for sex, you need to deal with any impediments preventing connection.

sexually frustrated woman

How to prepare a woman for sex: eliminate painful penetration.

Women very rarely start off wet, so any kind of penetration can be intensely painful until she starts feeling turned on and her juices start flowing. This means you can't just insert your fingers, a toy, or your penis without preparation! Lube allows for an easy entry so there's no distractions to take her away from her orgasms. Coconut oil is very effective as a lubricant. Use a small amount on the outside edge of a woman's vagina.

For women who suffer from inner vaginal dryness and pain, Lubrication isn't just needed on the outside of the vagina, it's needed on the inside too! Up to 50% of women feel like their vagina is being scraped with sandpaper with any kind of penetration. The pain is similar to scraping your eyeballs, so it's not something either of you can ignore or pretend doesn't exist. External lube does not fix this, she needs my Inner Vaginal Flush Technique which I explain in detail in this post: The Best Natural Cures for Female Dryness.

Preparing a woman for sex doesn't just include foreplay techniques. Knowing how to stay hard and in control throughout foreplay, penetration, and intercourse is paramount.

How to prepare a woman for sex: be hard when she's ready for penetration.

Some women can take a really long time to reach an orgasm - if she can orgasm at all. When giving a woman foreplay, it's really important to maintain a hard erection, so when she finally gives you that royal command to enter her, you can penetrate without any problems.

Focusing too much attention on the actions of giving her foreplay can make you lose your hard erection.

Prepare for her sexually by staying in control of when you ejaculate.

Some men focus too much attention on how arousing a woman is, how horny a woman is, and how much she turns you on! This is the fastest way to ejaculate prematurely! To stay in control sexually, you need to correctly balance your sexual focus between yourself, your partner, and the actions of sex.

This allows for a satisfying amount of intercourse time.

What happens when you're prepared for sex but your woman's not in the mood?

As you may have already guessed, foreplay for women extends beyond the bedroom. It’s not rocket science, but you do need to pay attention. You may have received most of your sex education from watching porn and this can contribute to an unwanted sexual technique.

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In the real world, with real women, you need to know how to emotionally prepare a woman for sex. Gain her interest. Switch her on. This starts well before sexual foreplay. You have to understand how to fulfill her emotionally before she wants you to fulfill her sexually! Remember, those high levels of oxytocin play a role here... so be bonding-focused first!

prepare woman for sex

Discover my best insights on how to prepare a woman for sex.

Women aren’t wired sexually like you, so you’ve got to turn her sexual switches on in the right order. Otherwise, she will continue to shrug off your advances or be indifferent toward sex.

As you well know, when you make the wrong moves you put her off having sex with you. Most women only regain interest in sex when her male partner can not only last longer, but improves on his overall technique inside and outside the bedroom. 

While solving early ejaculation and weak erection issues don't automatically re-engage a woman’s interest in sex, good sexual technique does go a long way to switching her libido back on, especially when you understand ideal rhythm and timing from her perspective.

To gain her confidence, excitement and trust, you need to approach foreplay in a calm and confident manner... And all her good feeling bits can easily be identified by touch. 

As a bonus resource in my Sex Mastery program for men you can learn EXACTLY how to find her g-spot and clitoris - in the dark. You can't shine a flash light into her vagina looking for these, so I'll explain exactly what you will feel as you enter her vagina and what to feel for.

You’ll discover step-by-step how to:

  • Identify her clitoris and g-spot (and how to stimulate them the right way) so you never have to poke around, hoping you are pleasing her
  • Keep her emotional switches turned ON so she keeps wanting to have sex with you – even after menopause
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Speaking of which…
Female ejaculation is not a myth!

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*Disclaimer, results vary from person to person

Most women believe that female ejaculation is a myth, but it’s not.


Discover exactly how to make her squirt

Just to make sure you can develop your expertise on giving females mind blowing pleasure I’m also going to teach you step-by-step how to make her squirt.

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The biggest problem you may be facing on how to prepare a woman for sex is a lack of knowledge on how to get her attention and keep her interested.

Do you really want to continue to fumble around and hope to hold her interest? Or are you going to take control now? The longer you wait, the more likely your woman is going to give up on her secret wish of you being able to totally satisfy her. 

Unfortunately, these kinds of thoughts switch her libido off even further by making her doubt in your ability to provide for her – as well as making her question her whole relationship with you! To her, it seems like you just don’t care enough to make the effort.

Imagine how pleased your woman will be when you confidently and regularly make her feel totally connected with you and achieve multiple orgasms?

You need a plan… a step by step guide, so you know EXACTLY how to prepare a woman for sex - where to touch and EXACTLY what to say, to help her feel more connected.

I’ve got to tell you – from a woman’s perspective, there’s nothing sexier than a confident man – a man who is totally confident in his ability to approach and then please his woman sexually:

I thought you might like some feedback. Excellent info and really well presented – concise and to the point. You presented info we should have learned during sex ed in our old school days which was sadly absent.

Having it presented by a woman giving guys the inside info from a woman’s experience and perspective is well… gold. I really like the tips you were saying eg care and attention to the methods of stroking and fingernail care and lube process, the importance of holding hands etc. All those important details that I’m now realizing are so important to a woman’s pleasure… thank you.

I feel I have gained in confidence and belief and you have given me the tools to build on to move forward. So well done you on such an excellent program. I didn’t realize how quick it can be for a woman to lose arousal if a technique is not done correctly.

Ray, New Zealand

*Disclaimer, results vary from person to person

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