Lack of Libido and Sexual Dysfunction

Do You Ever Experience a Lack of Libido?

While lack of libido is sometimes related to hormonal imbalances, it’s important to understand these other factors which can lower libido and contribute to erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunction problems. Many of these factors which affect libido, are equally responsible for both male and female libido problems.

lack of libido and sexual function

A Partner’s Lack of Interest in Sex

This can relate to one partner’s sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or being unable to orgasm. Other factors which turn off attraction and libido can include health issues, a terrible “A” game, a partner’s sexual technique which is not fulfilling – or a partner who wants sex too frequently.

It’s also common for a woman to lose her libido after the birth of her children, primarily due to her brain’s focus becoming centered on the needs of her children. I’ve treated MANY women suffering from this malady, all with excellent results – and with great relief to their partner.

Peri and post menopausal women often suffer from inner vaginal dryness which makes intercourse both painful and uncomfortable. One of the breakthrough techniques I have developed enables a woman to self lubricate her vagina from the inside out prior to engaging in sexual activity. It doesn’t matter if she forgets to initiate this sequence prior to sex as the technique immediately neutralizes vaginal pain at any time during intercourse or any sexual activity.

Your Partner's Lack of Libido Causing Problems?

Sometimes a reduction in the frequency of sex from one partner, can set up performance anxiety in the other. As surprising as it may seem, men can become quite concerned that they will be unable to “perform” sexually after a period of abstinence when their partner doesn't want sex. This can then affect their ability to stay hard and in control.

This can be in the form of weak erections or being unable to stay in control of ejaculation. For a man who already has either of these problems they can cause a devastating blow to his self esteem and directly affect his libido as well as his desire for sex.

Vegetarian affects libido

Libido, Sex Hormones and Cholesterol 

Your body needs cholesterol to produce sex hormones. Cholesterol is also the “fire truck” which puts out inflammation in your body. If your liver is not producing enough cholesterol to meet your body’s demands, your sexual programs can become affected. The only food sources of cholesterol comes from animals.

This is why so many vegetarians are affected by low libido, orgasm problems and erectile dysfunction problems – and if a man has an ongoing early ejaculation problem and requires many “attempts” to complete the sexual act, then many of his sex hormones will be wasted.

If you are a vegetarian and experience libido problems, eat plenty of butter or ghee (clarified butter) to help increase sexual function. Otherwise, organic red meat, fish and organic free-range eggs are other great sources of healthy cholesterol.

Foods Which Can Decrease Your Libido

Many modern day packaged foods contain artificial ingredients which can directly affect your sexual health by causing inflammation and reducing your energy levels. As well as avoiding packaged foods, I also recommend avoiding foods such as grains (bread, wraps, pasta, rice, cereal, biscuits, cakes) sugar and preservatives as these foods can also be directly responsible for causing unwanted health issues as well as weight gain – which can affect your partner’s libido!

real food quote

Keep in mind that it’s not bread, pasta, rice or potatoes which makes food taste good – it’s the correct use of healthy salt, pepper, herbs and spices. Become an avid label reader before buying packaged foods so you’re not fooled by “Natural” marketing ploys.

Avoid most vegetable oils, particularly canola oil and transfats which are contained in many fast foods as well as packaged foods. Coconut, macadamia and olive oils are all excellent cooking oil choices for improving sexual health and won’t detrimentally affect your libido.

foods to boost your libido


Foods Which Can Increase Your Libido

Maca root is extremely helpful in restoring libido – I have a fabulous “super food” chocolate recipe which contains maca, cacao, nut butter and coconut oil with coconut syrup to sweeten.

Other libido enhancing foods include cinnamon, chocolate, garlic, oysters, hot peppers, vanilla, cardamom and coriander seeds.

Make sure you include plenty of healthy fats and protein in your diet and this includes eggs and organic free-range animal fat as well as fat from avocados and nuts.

I highly recommend raw food recipes. Eating the Paleo way can dramatically increase energy as well as sexual health – and it’s one of the most delicious and satisfying ways of eating.

boost sex drive naturally

Are You Physically Attracted to Your Partner?

As human beings, we are frequently attracted to particular shapes and sizes. From this perspective alone, a partner’s gain in weight (or loss of weight) can cause libido issues for either or both partners.

Women tend to be hyper aware and self conscious of how they look. Especially how they look as they age. Any changes in size, weight and skin elasticity can be directly reflected in her libido.

Work, Family, Financial and Relationship Issues

Sometimes it is life itself which becomes too busy and affects your libido. Work, family, relationship or financial issues? When you have issues which drain your mental reserves, your brain shuts down unnecessary programs – the first to go, being your sexual programs.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you (or your partner) may be experiencing a lack of libido. If you’re suffering from low libido or other sex problems it’s important to not only understand all the triggers contributing to your sex problem, but to have a complete strategy which encompasses the whole of the sexual act. Please share your libido concerns or experiences in the comments section below…

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