Revealed: 12 Reasons Why Sex is Like Driving a Car

Let’s face it, our body didn’t come with an operating manual. Sometimes it helps to view things from a different angle, so here are 12 reasons why sex is like driving a car:

why sex is like driving a car

1. If you can’t start your ignition, you’re not going anywhere

Reality check: if you can’t start your car, your journey is over before it begins. This is not an uncommon situation for older models, although it has become increasingly more common for late model vehicles. Check that you’ve got enough fuel and you’re not thinking about other adventures.

2. You can only reach your objective if you don’t overshoot your destination 

We’re assuming you got your vehicle started, but you’ve got to slow down! It's great to be goal oriented, but many partners prefer that you slow down, take in the scenery and enjoy sharing your ride together.

3. Braking hard at the wrong time can make you crash or stall

The science and logic behind the previous request – if you're not paying attention to what’s in front, behind, or coming at you from the side… then things could get messy.

jacqui olliver why sex is like driving a car

4. One wrong move can cause an accident

Which leads me to my next point. You’ve got to keep track of what’s going on. There’s two of you involved in the sexual act and you can only control your part of the equation. Make sure you account for your partner’s unexpected moves, because…

5. Braking in the wrong way can make you lose control

A sudden tightening of a specific nut can cause you (or your partner) to lose control.

6. If you get a flat tyre you’re not going anywhere

You’ve got to know how to pump up your tyre at a moment’s notice, so your partner doesn’t get bored waiting for the journey to continue.


7. Changing into the wrong gear (with the wrong timing) can make you stall 

The smoothest ride encompasses moving smoothly through the gears, in the right order, with the right timing. Changing gears too rapidly, or changing down and missing a gear makes for a rough and uncomfortable ride for all concerned.

8. Losing focus can make you lose control of your vehicle

As you know from trying to text on your phone while you drive, your mind can only focus on one task at a time. If you’re worrying about your vehicle’s performance and your ability to reach your preferred destination, THEN WHO IS STEERING YOUR VEHICLE?


9. Not having confidence makes it less fun

Just like driving a car, sex requires a certain amount of confidence in your ability. If you’re unsure of your sexual technique your mind will be too distracted to enjoy the ride.

10. Flat spots make you wonder if you’re going to make it

It’s so important to regularly maintain your vehicle. Unless you’re using the right fuel and looking after your vehicle to keep it in prime condition your vehicle may depreciate and lose its market value.

11. Having no control is disappointing

Remember as a teenager, the thrill of going for a ride with someone who wasn’t in control of their vehicle? Yeah, it’s great fun as a kid, but us grown-ups don’t find it much fun at all. We tend to find it humiliating, embarrassing and disappointing – and that’s from both male and female perspectives.

how to solve sex problems

12. You can only stay in control if you know how to operate your vehicle!

None of us were given the operating manual at school. If you were lucky, you fluked balancing your sexual focus and getting sex right the first time and it hasn’t been a problem since. 

However, many a male had the unfortunate experience of being too eager to please during his first sexual encounter – or briefly lost focus thinking about the upcoming ball game during sex (and lost his erection or lost control). Now he’s wondering what the heck he was doing right, prior to that random incident.

This happens to women too. Being distracted and focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time causes accidents.

In summary:

Regardless of your gender, If you want sex to be fulfilling for yourself as well as your passenger, you need to have the correct operating manual. I teach males and females how to operate their vehicle to achieve peak performance - so every time you have a sexual encounter it will be enjoyable for all concerned. 

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