7 Best Foods to Boost Your Libido

Boost Your Libido with Knowledge and Technique

If you’re struggling to get into the mood to have sex, you’re probably experiencing a loss of libido. These best foods to boost your libido can help you restore your desire for sex, but you need to address other issues which may be contributing to a low libido, so I will include them in this post. This will help you upgrade your knowledge and skill base so you can naturally boost your libido and overall desire for sex.

Low Libido Caused by Sex Problems

Sexual problems such as premature ejaculation (PE), Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and being unable to orgasm all tax your energy and desire for sex. If you find that you’re more interested in sleeping and resting rather than having sex with your partner, then you may require more than the best foods to boost your sex drive!

If you or your partner are suffering from any of these problems, it’s likely your libidos won’t be fully restored until these other sexual function issues are addressed.

Being distracted and focusing your attention on the wrong actions at the wrong time can affect your sexual performance, so you need to upgrade your knowledge and technique.

Boost Your Libido with Food and Exercise

Most experts recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure that you can also enjoy a healthy sex life. Exercising regularly helps to keep you in shape and maintain your testosterone levels. This can greatly enhance your lifestyle as well as your performance in bed.

That said, let’s get back to food. Many foods can negatively affect your libido. Foods which you should completely eliminate from your diet include wheat, sugar, preservatives and corn syrup. These foods can cause fatigue and may be one of the reasons you don’t want to have sex or why you no longer enjoy sex.

Numerous studies have proven that there’s a connection between food and your sex drive. Particular nutrients found in certain foods play an extremely important role in boosting your libido as well as offering you a healthy sex life.

Best Foods to Boost Your Libido and Sex Drive

1. Strawberries

best foods to boost libido couple

Strawberries are considered to be one of the sexiest foods and they’re also good for your heart and arteries as well. They’re rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which has seen them linked to a higher sperm count in men.

Dip strawberries in dark chocolate and enjoy eating them off your partner during foreplay. This can boost your libido while putting you both in the mood for more fun sexual activities.

2. Almonds

almonds increase libido

Almonds are among the best foods to boost your sex drive. Rich in the minerals and vitamins crucial for reproduction and sexual health including zinc and selenium, almonds also help to assist in infertility issues.

Almonds help to improve blood flow and contain omega-3 fatty acids which help in boosting libido and producing sex hormones in men.

3. Cloves

cloves to boost libido

Containing a powerhouse of antioxidants, cloves are an essential food for boosting your libido.

Cloves are considered to be a libido increasing super-food! Use them in many different dishes in order to increase your libido. Cloves have been used for centuries to cure impotence amongst men, whilst they are also invaluable for eliminating bad breath as well.

4. Eggs

eggs for boosting libido

It really doesn’t matter how you prepare your eggs. Eggs are high in protein, which is good news for your libido.

The fat/protein content in eggs can help increase your stamina, whilst also being helpful in dealing with conditions such as erectile dysfunction and heart problems.

5. Ginseng

ginseng and libido

Ginseng is another sex super-food which is known to increase libido in both men and women. Researchers have found that people who included ginseng in their food experienced a dramatic improvement in their sex life.

6. Saffron


This libido enhancing food may be a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth it to help boost your libido. Saffron has been linked to increasing sexual appetite as well as improving the sexual performance of men. Add to stew or soup.

7. Watermelon

watermelon boosting libido

Researchers have found that Watermelons are one of the best foods for boosting your libido. This is because they contain phytonutrients which aid in relaxing blood vessels along with boosting the libido.

It’s important to identify and correct any serious health issues which may be affecting your sex drive. These 7 best foods to boost your libido can definitely help increase your overall desire for sex as long as no other health or sexual problems are present.

Most importantly, with your focus and action sequence corrected, a low libido and other sex problems can easily be transformed into a healthy libido and strong desire for sex. Please see my programs for more details.

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