The 3 Best Exercises to Improve Sexual Function

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or are unable to reach orgasm, it’s important that you reach a higher level of fitness than you currently have. This is also a requirement for you to become a healthier human being. These best exercises to improve sexual function are aimed at redeveloping your groups of muscles directly involved in the sexual act. Increasing the health of your sex muscles can naturally increase blood flow and can lead to improving your sexual performance.

It’s important to note that exercise is only ONE small contributing factor to the complete puzzle for overcoming Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and other sex problems. This will enhance rather than eliminate the main reasons for your failure. You also need to correct your sexual focus so the right balance of hard and in control is achieved. This is fully explained in my Sex Mastery programs for men.

The stronger your sexual muscles, the more likely you will be able to gain the ability to control the movements needed to perform the sexual act. This includes erection control and how long you can last. This will help you to gain the endurance to orgasm at the critical time during sex.

Strengthening your main sex muscles with these three easy exercises can allow you to last as long as your partner requires. This allows your partner to be sexually satisfied!

Are Kegel Exercises Good or Bad?

As stipulated earlier, sex exercises will enhance your sexual act but not necessarily eliminate the core problem if you have PE or ED. Kegel exercises done at the wrong time will cause problems too:

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You've heard of the old saying "use it or lose it" right? Your sex muscles are just like any other muscles. If you're not using them regularly (masturbation doesn't count) they will lose size and strength. When a muscle loses strength, it doesn't work properly. And when your sex muscles don't work properly, it's going to be embarrassing for you in bed.

So even if you are single, it's best to start "sexercising" now.
There are specifically two groups of muscles you need to target:
1) Your pelvic floor muscles (PC muscles) - which also increase the power of your orgasms
2) Your core muscles (abdominals) and supporting muscles - which turn your abdomen into a "hinge" so you can repeatedly endure a slow rhythmical movement without noticeable fatigue.

This can be easily achieved for both men AND women. Use these three best exercises to improve sexual function and as part of your premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction treatment program:

The Best Penis Strengthening Exercise and Exercise for Improving Orgasm Control

1. This is the Best Exercise to Increase Penis Size (and Penis Strength) and to Improve Orgasm Control

This best PC exercise increases the size of the muscles which support the penis, so technically you're increasing the muscle mass behind and around the penis which then adds to the size of the penis.

As a male, by strengthening your core sex muscles (PC muscles) you can increase your penis size as well as the strength of your penis. This can lead to more ease in gaining erections. As a female, you will tone and tighten your vagina (great for after child birth) and increase your orgasm power.

Male or female, your PC muscle (pelvic floor muscle) can be easily identified by flexing your penis or vagina. Flexing is what you do to stop the flow of urine midstream, or to hold urine in when you need to pee.

pc muscle exercise male female

The Best PC muscle exercise for both male and female:
Contract (flex) your pelvic floor muscles internally, keep contracted for the count of five. Then relax those muscles. This is one cycle. Contract, keep the muscles contracted for the count of five, then relax those muscles.

This no.1 penis strengthening exercise is essential for helping to correct erectile dysfunction problems and can lead to mind-blowing orgasms. The download instructions (below) also contain important information regarding a common mistake that men make, especially when doing Kegel exercises. Kegel Exercises are not the best treatment for premature ejaculation! However, a slight modification to a common Kegel exercise can make it become more beneficial in overcoming PE and ED. Download the best instructions for this exercise here (no email required)

It's important that you repeat the amount of cycles (repetitions) required, as indicated for your age and situation. This is especially important in the best treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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Other Essential Exercises for Sex

2. Best Exercise for Strengthening Supporting Sex Muscles

Without this second exercise your other muscles may become tired and unable to complete the sexual act. Which will result in loss of mutual fulfilment for both partners. This one exercise will strengthen your abs, lower back, shoulders, chest, arms, legs and buttocks... So you can last longer.

The Push-Up. Instead of lowering yourself all the way to the ground, I want you to lower yourself ONLY halfway down.

Halfway down push-ups are easier to achieve and enable you to do faster reps. This, as well as increasing your sexual strength, will also increase your sexual fitness and stamina. Do sets of 10 or 20 push ups, spread through the day or as many as you feel comfortable with.

3. Best Exercise for Increasing Overall Sexual Fitness

This easy exercise increases blood flow to all areas of your body. It strengthens your pelvic floor, abdominal, hip and upper leg muscles. As well, it strengthens your lymphatic system to help remove toxins from your cells. This helps you feel less lethargic and have more energy for sex.

Rebounding on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes, twice a day will do wonders for your overall health. Safety first, make sure there is padding which covers the springs on your rebounder.

Make sure you have your feet turned out slightly as you bounce lightly. Think five to one on a clock face. This will ensure your joints are correctly loaded and avoid an injury. Keep your feet in contact with the trampoline, you only require a gentle bounce to achieve maximum benefit from this exercise.

Use "dead time" to exercise your sexual muscles. This includes when you are sitting in traffic, waiting for your turn to use the bathroom, waiting for the kettle to boil, etc. Another great time to sexercise, is during the ad breaks during your favorite TV shows.

Be sure to do sexual exercises every day to improve your chances of performing better and lasting longer during the sexual act.

The Best Treatment for Sex Problems

Exercises alone are not enough to cure sex problems. This includes premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and being unable to orgasm. It's unfortunate that other "experts" including the medical profession don't teach you the structure required to perform normally to complete a sexual act.

Until you understand what contributing factors influence the outcome, you will always struggle to supply answers because of incorrect guesswork.

For example, contracting your PC muscle at the wrong time during sex can actually cause you to ejaculate early! Specific thoughts and actions are required in order for your brain to respond with the correct muscle program. Learning this doesn't take away from the spontaneity of sex. In contrast, a start to end procedure for sex provides you with the total confidence required to satisfy yourself AND your partner.

The more you try not to think about your sex problems, the more these problems consume your thoughts! While it appears that your problem is complicated, all you need is my complete strategy for sex. This will enable you to eliminate performance anxiety and provide enjoyment for your partner.

How to restore a happy sex life

Physical exercises are only ONE part of overcoming sexual dysfunctions. If you're serious about restoring full control sexually then you need to understand which of your current thoughts and actions are causing your failure. After you understand how your problem works, THEN you can apply the correct thought and action sequence to stay in control sexually!

How to achieve this is fully explained in my Real EASY Love and Sex Mastery: Hard AND in Control programs. Read more here to decide on the best option for you. I look forward to helping you restore a fulfilling sex life when you take action to end the problem.

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