How to Find the Best Sex Therapist

By Jacqui Olliver

It's important to note that not all sex therapists have the answers you are seeking and need, especially when it comes to solving sexual dysfunction problems such as weak erections, early ejaculation, being unable to orgasm, or a sexless marriage.

Finding the best sex therapist to solve all your sex problems isn’t always an easy task. While there are numerous professional sex therapists and sex experts to choose from, not all of them may have the answers you're seeking.

What kind of Sex Therapy do I need?

To restore sexual confidence as well as connection, you need to find sex therapy which specifically addresses your particular sex problem and has experience in solving it. This is crucial when it comes to addressing sexual dysfunction problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and the inability to reach an orgasm.

By finding a sex therapist who understands the intricacies of these specific issues, you can receive targeted and effective guidance and support tailored to your unique situation. Don't settle for generalized approaches; seek out the expertise of a sex therapist who can provide the specific solutions you need to address and overcome your sexual challenges.

Using the wrong approach or working with an inexperienced or ineffective sex therapist can potentially prolong your challenges and hinder your progress towards solving your sexual problems. It's crucial to do thorough research, check that testimonials are aligned with solving your issues, and ensure that the sex therapy you choose addresses your specific needs and goals.

Sex therapy for sexual dysfunction problems

Do you or your partner have problems with sexual function? If so, you need sex therapy which directly addresses sexual function problems! These sex problems may include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, being unable to ejaculate or not being able to reach an orgasm. A low libido in either partner frequently results from challenges associated with these sex problems.

Usually these sexual function issues are not at all related to other relationship issues and simply require specific adjustments to your sexual technique. It's important to note, that unresolved tension in the relationship can be a contributing factor as it adds to mental contamination.

Unresolved sexual function challenges can lead to a lack of desire for sex as both partners struggle to feel fulfilled sexually. This leads to other relationship challenges!

When diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunction problems, doctors and urologists generally test for underlying medical issues then prescribe medications, devices or surgery. These can include numbing creams and antidepressants for premature ejaculation and erection enhancing drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Drugs generally don't fix the problem, take away from the spontaneity of sex and often cause unwanted side-effects. It's important to deal with the cause of any sexual dysfunction issues.

Unfortunately, many sex therapists recommend medications and focus on techniques which don't address the underlying issue. Using the incorrect focus or technique at the wrong time causes most sexual dysfunction problems - and this is what I correct.

Best sex therapist for Erectile Dysfunction

In my experience in helping over a thousand men overcome erectile dysfunction, wrong advice from sex therapists is the cause of ongoing sex problems for many couples. There are many sex therapists for couples who will tell a man seeking help for erectile dysfunction to focus more on his partner. This often causes the problem to worsen!

Similarly, many sex therapists recommend Tantra as a therapy for erectile dysfunction and this has a similar effect. Too much focus on his partner, especially in a loving or spiritual way will cause him to lose his erection. This is because his brain isn't receiving enough arousing signals to maintain a strong erection.

Our brains control the programs involved in sex. The best sex therapist for erectile dysfunction will explain to a male how to balance his sexual focus so his brain receives a constant stream of relevant arousal signals throughout the sexual act.

He needs to know how to accurately adjust his actions throughout foreplay (giving and receiving), penetration and intercourse so the right amount of sexually arousing signals reach his brain - and it doesn't become overstimulated which would result in unwanted ejaculation. The most important six inches resides between his ears, and this is what he needs to be in control of.

Random thoughts, not applying the correct sexual technique, and mental contamination all lead to erectile dysfunction issues which I can correct. You don't need sex therapy for erectile dysfunction, you simply need to make adjustments to your focus to regain control.

Best sex therapist for Premature Ejaculation

The best sex therapist for premature ejaculation will firstly explain the actions which are causing a male to ejaculate early and THEN explain how to be in control. Applying a technique on top of wrong focus will simply add to the confusion. For example, most sex therapists will recommend the start-stop method or squeeze method which bring more of a man's focus to his penis - which is opposite to what is needed!

Certain actions overstimulate a male's brain sexually. Most men who suffer from premature ejaculation are overly focused on their penis, how arousing their partner is, and how aroused they are feeling - or trying not to think these thoughts. This gives a constant stream of arousing signals to a man's brain. Without a relevant change of sexual focus, he becomes hyper aware of the sensations in his penis which quickly leads him to ejaculation.

This is no fun for either partner. The start-stop and squeeze method also interrupt a man's ability to maintain a satisfying emotional connection with his partner during sex.

To be able to restore control and connection, he needs to know how to redirect his sexual focus without disengaging from his partner. This advanced "how-to" knowledge restores his sexual confidence and provides satisfaction for his partner as his actions become inclusive of (her) instead of being primarily focused on himself.

To resolve premature ejaculation for good, the best sex therapist will direct the male on how to correctly adjust his sexual focus before sex then during foreplay, penetration, and intercourse so he maintains the correct balance over his arousal levels.

Can sex therapists give wrong advice?

It can be common for sex therapists to give the wrong advice. For example, a common recommendation among top sex therapists is to tell a man with premature ejaculation that he can just give his partner amazing foreplay and that it will be enough to satisfy his partner sexually. This is usually far from the truth. It also demonstrates that the sex therapist doesn't know how to end the premature ejaculation problem and his or her style of sex therapy is ineffective.

The right sex therapy for premature ejaculation will solve the early ejaculation problem, correct imbalances in sexual technique and therefore restore a man's ability to provide quality intercourse time for him and his partner. This, in turn, can restore his partner's desire for sex.

Quality foreplay is an important aspect of preparing some men and women for sex. However for men, being able to stay hard, and last long enough for the mutual satisfaction of both partners is imperative in maintaining a healthy relationship long-term.

The vast majority of men need to feel like they are able to fulfill their partner sexually to feel completely fulfilled as a man.

What about sex therapy for a sexless marriage?

Has your partner lost interest in sex? Sex therapy for a sexless marriage can go a long way to restoring a fulfilling connection on all levels, so long as every aspect of the problem is addressed. A lack of libido in either partner is often due to ongoing sexual dysfunction problems and the resulting frustration and disappointment for the partner who fails to complete the sexual act.

Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and being unable to reach orgasm cause sex to be complicated and unfulfilling for all involved. Inner vaginal dryness in women can also be the culprit.

Low libido can also be caused by a partner’s unfulfilling sexual technique, or lack of emotional connection.

Due to a lack of relevant sexual education (and irrelevant sexual imprinting) many people rely on porn for their sex education. This, unfortunately, provides an unrealistic education of how sex works, as well as unwanted techniques!

For example, male porn stars often use hard and fast thrusts with a constant change of position. In real life, this kind of technique will eventually put many women off sex. If her partner's sexual technique is not fulfilling for her, then being busy with children's needs, ongoing work pressures and at a later date menopause, will become a woman's logical "reason" for not wanting sex.

Romance novels may have been an alternative to a porn education but they also don’t give a realistic portrayal of sex. Fairy tale descriptions of orgasm lead to problems recognizing an orgasm.

Mental contamination needs to be addressed.

It's common for the 80% of women who struggle to orgasm during penetration to question their ability to achieve an orgasm, and constantly ask themselves: Is it? Is it? Is this an orgasm? This constant questioning confuses her brain, therefore orgasms don't complete (or less frequently than is desired.)

Many women assume their male partner has lost interest when he loses his erection, or that he is being selfish when he ejaculates early. Not knowing how fine a line it is for a man to balance his sexual focus to remain hard and in control causes another mental contamination problem.

The best sex therapy gives answers to solve all impending problems that are blocking your ability to connect.

Don't let misconceptions and misunderstandings hold you back any longer. Take the proactive step towards restoring intimacy and pleasure in your relationships. Implementing recommended adjustments can put the "WOW" factor into your sexual technique; and adjusting behaviors inside and outside the bedroom will enhance your ability to relate emotionally and sexually on all levels.

Ready to overcome the challenges of mental contamination and experience fulfilling sexual encounters? Say goodbye to confusion, regain control over your sexual experiences and embrace the clarity and confidence that comes with understanding your body and its responses.

The best sex therapist for couples

The best sex therapist for couples will help you put effective strategies in place to overcome all reasons for emotional and sexual disconnection.

Your sex problems may be due to other imbalances in your relationship which cause your partner to lose interest. Simple things like personal hygiene and not cleaning up after yourself can all influence a partner's desire for sex.

The best sex therapist for couples will teach you not only the best sexual techniques, but how to be a partner who inspires connection and participation on all levels. How to understand male and female arousal and how to upgrade your overall approach to restore intimacy and enjoy a happy, satisfying and fulfilling sex life.

Psychosexual Alignment is the best sex therapy for couples. Men can re-engage their partner's interest and realize how to naturally last longer, so they can satisfy their partner inside and outside the bedroom.

With a fully functioning and happy male at her side, his female partner can easily switch on her libido, eliminate vaginal dryness, and orgasm when she wants to, during foreplay and intercourse.

I have many satisfied clients who have experienced life-changing breakthroughs after implementing my revolutionary Psychosexual Alignment method. Don't waste time with traditional sex therapy that can take months without guaranteed outcomes.

Take the leap and discover the power of my breakthrough approach that can bring you remarkable results even after just one session.

I have many success stories to share!

Most of my customers get relief after their first session, and recover completely after finishing the program.

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