7 Secrets to Better Sex in the New Year

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We tend to start every year with the best of intentions then become stuck in old patterns because we just don’t know how to make the changes we want to see. So here’s 7 secrets to having better sex in the new year – and in every year after this one!

1. Be present by paying attention to what you’re doing
If you’re not paying attention to sex during sex, you know what’s not going to happen. For the female not paying attention makes it more difficult to achieve orgasm. For males, being distracted leads to instances of premature ejaculation, losing erection hardness and being unable to ejaculate.

2. Pay attention to what your partner is doing
There’s nothing more thrilling during sex, than both partners being equally attentive. Many men suffer from ED and weak erection problems because they think their partner has lost interest in sex, or appears to be bored – which isn’t always the case. Sometimes a woman just doesn’t know how to focus her attention to get into a good physical and emotional rhythm with her partner.

If you’re focused on your partner’s emotional as well as sexual well being during sex it will help your mind to be less distracted… On saying that, if you have specific sex problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or being unable to orgasm then you will need my complete sexual strategy (which will immediately reduce anxiety) so you’re not constantly worrying about these problems occurring.

3. Match your partner’s rhythm…
Leading on from the last statement, it’s common for a woman to lay almost still and let her partner do all the work. Yet your partner (male) gets the biggest thrill from knowing that he is fulfilling you. So pay attention to your partner and match his rhythm so he knows you’re engaging sexually with him.

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Then make sure that you…

4. Make happy noises from time to time.
As much as we like to think everyone should know what we’re thinking, most of the time they have no idea. So when your partner is making all the right moves, keep them on target by making happy noises such as “Ooo that feels good…” or “Mmmm that’s nice…”

If you just say “Oooh” your partner may think (he) is hurting you. You need to make it obvious that it feels good. “Oooh! That feels SOOOO good!” will be 100x more effective. Men are simple creatures so you need to make it easy for them to understand you.

Generally when a man is grunting during sex, he’s putting a lot of effort into maintaining a good rhythm for his partner and is concerned that (she) is having a good time.

5. Speaking about rhythm… it’s not about how fast you are going.

Nobody wants to feel rushed and if a woman hasn’t had a session with me, it’s likely it’s going to take her some time before she achieves her first orgasm, if she can orgasm at all. Many women can’t orgasm during intercourse and this is due to several factors which can include her partner’s overall sexual technique.

It’s more important to keep a consistently even rhythm than to be overly fast. This focus on even rhythm will help to keep a woman in what I call “the orgasm zone” and may help a man stay hard and in control.

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6. Give consideration to the “before” and the “after” sex.
The way you interact with your partner inside and outside the bedroom constantly influences their desire for sex and their feeling of attraction for you. This is particularly true for women.

Sex is considered to be the cement which holds a relationship together, but the building blocks which provide sexual awakening in both partners are emotional and physical attraction.

7. In summary, get rid of the distractions.

The biggest impediment to great sex are ongoing distractions. Whether these are caused by a partner’s less than fulfilling technique or your own sexual dysfunction problem, the room temperature being too hot (or the room temperature too cold) all of these distractions are well within your realm of control.

If something about your sex life needs to be changed or modified, make sure you take the steps required to move forward so you can improve this important area of your life. After all, isn’t the New Year a chance to make a fresh new start?

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