Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease Linked to Stress

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Are Your Sex Problems Causing Heart Disease?

The mental and emotional stress that men experience due to erectile dysfunction issues can have a major impact on his heart and other organs, and may be the cause of heart disease. Therefore, it appears plausible that a man can help to naturally treat heart disease by resolving the erectile dysfunction issue, which in turn removes the stress.

erectile dysfunction and heart disease

Although erectile dysfunction tends to increase with age, the Cleveland Clinic reports that 40% of men under 40 also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Regardless of age, having the right mindset to resolve erectile dysfunction and heart disease means that you need to look to the brain, particularly the emotional brain for a solution.

The latest, most highly evolved aspect of your autonomic nervous system is called the Social Engagement System (SES) and was discovered by Dr Stephen Porges around 40 years ago.

In layman’s terms, the Social Engagement System works in conjunction with your heart and brain and affects your heart rate variability. It plays a primary role in the way in which you deal with emotions, challenging situations and how you communicate with others.

This gives it an essential role when dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Porges view of the ANS

Your central nervous system controls the reaction to a stressful situation with a fight / flight or freeze / shutdown response. Because you cannot think clearly during an emotional response, this further contaminates your ability to regain a strong erection.

However, the evolved Social Engagement System acts first in a hierarchical order and enables you to access some cognitive function to try to resolve the stressful situation. This prevents a full-on stress reaction involving secretions of hormones and neural chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol which can take up to 20 minutes to dissipate.

By keeping the Social Engagement System activated under stressful situations, your heart rate variability will continue to be moderated. This prevents large amounts of stress hormones from being released and damaging your body. During sex, it also enables you to focus on the actions which will restore your erection hardness.

When you have the correct knowledge to solve your erectile dysfunction problem, you will naturally keep your social engagement system activated so you can think clearly when engaging in a sexual act.

erectile dysfunction stress high blood pressure

Erectile Dysfunction and Stress = High Blood Pressure

For men dealing with erectile dysfunction issues, the pressure to perform and not being able to get or maintain a hard erection causes a great deal of anxiety and stress for him and his partner. Without knowing how to resolve the weak erection issue OR the associated frustration, disappointment, anger and anxiety caused by this problem, stress hormones are constantly ravaging his body. This can lead to increased stress on his heart and kidneys.

When a man has erectile dysfunction his brain and body are constantly in a state of high alert. He worries about his weak erection problem throughout the day and the consequences it may have on his relationship or his ability to commence a relationship. He feels lonely and isolated, unable to relax and incomplete as a man. His ongoing self-recriminations and worry, as well as negative thoughts constantly trigger emotional responses which continue to increase his stress levels.

Without knowing how to resolve the emotion when it’s triggered, his blood pressure rises and the mental and physical stress begins to have a cumulative effect in his body. As he battles the mental and emotional strain caused by ED, he experiences an associated drop in confidence and self-esteem, and emotionally withdraws from others.

Isolation and loneliness have been directly linked to heart disease. It is inadvertently shutting down the Social Engagement System which affects heart rate variability. This often happens when a person tries to block the physical discomfort associated with an emotional response.

Neuroscience has taken leaps and bounds over the last decade and can demonstrate how efficiently the Emotional Reset Technique immediately resolves an emotional response such as anxiety when it is triggered. The Emotional Reset Technique is extremely helpful in the treatment of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction as well as heart disease and kidney disease as it prevents stress hormones from ravaging the body and balances heart rate variability to create a calm state.

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction without Drugs

treat erectile dysfunction naturally

As with all health concerns, diet and relevant exercises can all help to end erectile dysfunction and are essential for restoring physical health. However, the primary area of focus in treating erectile dysfunction needs to be restoring correct sexual focus to ensure the correct hormonal responses are activated by the brain.

Many men with ED are tested for testosterone levels and are found to have low testosterone. But is it an accurate reading? Most men who are at a clinic being tested for testosterone are not at all turned on by the provided stimuli and are more worried about the problem occurring! If the clearest signal his brain is receiving is the imagined image of his flaccid penis, his brain will not signal the correct sexual hormonal response due to a lack of relevant sexual arousal signals.

Likewise, men who have been through prostate surgery often experience erectile dysfunction as they struggle to restore the correct balance of sexual focus.

Updating Your Knowledge Base Can Heal Erectile Dysfunction

Many erectile problems occur due to the confusion which surrounds the sexual act and this is generally caused by a lack of relevant sex education knowledge. How one’s attention is focused during sex will determine the hormonal responses activated in their brain.

The sexual act requires varying amounts of sexual stimulation. This includes sexually arousing thoughts, actions and awareness of feeling. Most men with erectile dysfunction focus too much attention on their partner which detracts from their awareness of feeling. However, without knowing how to balance his sexual focus, if he focuses too much attention on his awareness of feeling he can easily catapult himself to the opposite end of the sexual arousal scale and start experiencing premature ejaculation.

Along with consulting a medical professional, it’s important to understand the mental and emotional mechanics required to restore full sexual function, as this will naturally increase sexual stamina. How to do this is explained step-by-step in my Sex Mastery programs for men and women.

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